Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of 2008: The Year Regrets

We're are quickly entering 2009 and I find myself excited, happy and ready for the new year. I have high expectations for good stuff coming, need for lots of trips and starting things fresh and tidy in the coming year.

As expected with nature, the old year is dying and with it some of the stuff that I failed to do, my 2008 resolutions and some close attachments. I have had lots of achievements and some failures with the passing year and I present the top 8 things that I (regret) failed to do/have in 2008.

PS: They are in random order and numbering does not necessarily correspond to importance

1. Skinny Dipping
There is something about jumping in the pool with birthday suits. Those that have tried it before say it's an experience words can't describe but something you should try out on your own.
Am yet to overcome my fear/care about what some people around might say or think and just do it. Is there anyone around who wants in 2009 to trade in the bathing suits for birthday suits? We should indulge such an activity at one of those blogger parties.

2. Professional Lap Dance
Ever since Nsaba Butoro outlawed Kimansulo, It became such a difficulty finding a decent place for a proper boys night out. I must confess that I walked, moved and looked in almost the whole of Kampala even some suburbs in quest of a satisfactory lap dance and yielded no fruits. I've been to Nakulabye, Kansanga/Kabagala, Garden City, and Kololo to mention a few but no of these had the offerings of such a dance If you've had some success in this venture please let me know the venue. Now that I've moved to a system where this is actually permitted, In 2009, I am looking forward to a mixture of exotic dancers from all areas of the world. Am thinking I'll most definitely start with a Hispanic.

3. Get My Six Pack
It's only in 2008 that I thought seriously about my physical fitness and strength. I still could not afford any gym membership so I had to do with home made improvisations. I used to run about 5km every time I went out jogging twice a week, made my own dumb bells from mechanical gears and used to do up to 200 hard sit ups at one go like 3 times a week. This kind of activity was very common in the beginning of 2008 after I did the Dec 2007 10k MTN Marathon and sure enough, I had started getting those biceps and stomach abs most of you females drool @. I donno what happened but somehow along the way I lost it and my developing pacs went down the drain. Am still searching for this lost gus and hopefully I get it in the coming year.

4. Tell Her I love You
There is this nice, beautiful girl I once secretly liked and saw her again after what seamed to be a century. Sure enough, she still had the sparkle and the fire she had set up in me was not burned out. I just could not get her out of my mind and what ever free time I had, I was thinking of spending it with her. The more I think about her, the closer I get to the reality and can't deny the truth that what I failed to do when I last saw her was say "I love you" and kiss her goodbye.

5. Get Behind The Wheel
I only find it fun and easy to watch fast car races and talk about driving and if you hear me, you'll probably think am such a pro and could match the transporter guy when put behind the steering wheel. Reality is, I get all shaky and stiff when I take the driver's seat.
I promised my self a million times I'd go to that AAA driving school but somehow an excuse always popped up, the hike in fuel price consequently instructor fees was the last nail on the coffin for any hope of driving school. I do look back and sometimes wish I'd taken the leap and had one more skill bagged under my arm; but not all hope is gone, the new year brings lots of promise and I see myself cruising a mustang.

6 Buying Stanbic Bank Shares
Financially, I was not badly off when Stanbic placed their Ipo. Instead of doing the right thing and owning part of such a thriving bank, I choose to spend my money in other ways that would in no way bring back any long-term monetary return. I sure did lend my big brother some shs such that he could also invest in the bank and when I saw his first returns, I was filled with such envy and regret of course I refused to take back the shs I lent him with hope that I can convince him to co-own. A friend of mine said MTN would also float soon and I still have some shs saved up for the MTN Ipo, these things of shares are somehow better that pissing off your hard earned cash in the men's room.

7. Treated People Better / Been a Nicer person
There are times when I've not been myself and treated other people with selfishness, hate and malice. Although the number of people is actually less than the fingers on one hand, there are some random individuals whom I've not treated so nicely and I always wish I'd been a better person/friend. Maintaining a smile and treating all people as equal is one of my aims.

8. Learned a New Foreign Language
I always hated my French High School Lessons, It's not a wonder that I dropped it as soon as got into the electives stage. Little did I know at that time that English is not the only international language. I regret not taking any Spanish lessons with the local Catholic Priest who was offering free tutoring for a Spanish class, I only hope that it's not as boring and complicated as the French ones.

To usher in the new year, I'll sign off with a quote by Charles Swindell, a man who believes that a positive Attitude is the greatest strength you can have.

He says, “I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90 % how I react to it.”

What are your personal thoughts on 2008?


Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

After Math


It's great to be back to blogger world after the celebration of Christ's birth. Hoping that you all had a great merry time during the festive season and actually ate to the fullest.

I only just recently saw on a T.V add that turkey has an ingredient that is used in some sleeping pills. I did have more than a lions share of turkey which explains my high slumber affinity & slight delay in getting back to posting.

Much as I was not feeling Christmasy at first, I did have more fun than I had expected. First, my weekend began early on Wednesday when I was told the office would be closed from Christmas eve in order to enjoy x-mas days much to my delight and wishing. I had so much fun moving around taking pictures, shopping for last minute presents and buying the food for the meal.

I only just opened my presents yesterday and was very happy with what met my eyes. No it was not some tech stuff like I had secretly wished for but things to add to my wardrobe. I now have a different tie for each day of the week, a 5 Kg chain and an LR suit.

Since I came, there are still clothes I've not got chance to put on, and more seam to be coming in. All the clothes I had in Ug could hardly fit in the tin case and I was fine with that but now, hmm am yet to get used to the diversity, only good thing is I've not done laundry for over a month.

My mum surprised me this morning when she said she was hoping to get an ipod. How did she know about that? My mum is kinda traditional and hates any tech stuff, she has hardly mastered how to use her own cellphone so you can understand why the ipod was a shocker.

I think my sister might have given her that bad ipod idea maybe even someone at her work but much as I love her more than the cost of the ipod, the $150(-tax) for the latest nano is a bit outside of my rather tiny budget. I mean even Santa went into recession and may kids did not get stuff from north pole.

All of a sudden I have nothing else to say. Well may be I should close by weechu a prosperous new year and thanks for the time together the past few months.

How was the festivity your side?

Any real resolutions for 2009?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Rosita and Pedro have known each other for a long time and are very close.

One night when siting out in the back yard enjoying the night with a romantic full moon.

Pedro gets the urge and said, "Hey, mamacita, let's do Weeweechu."

Oh no, not now, let's look at the moon!" said Rosita.

Oh, c'mon baby, let's you and I do Weeweechu. I love you and it's the perfect time," Pedro begged.

"But I wanna just hold your hand and watch the moon." replied Rosita.

Please, corazoncito, just once, do Weeweechu with me."

Rosita looked at Pedro and said, "OK, one time, we'll do Weeweechu."

Pedro grabbed his guitar and they both sang.....

"Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year."


Monday, December 22, 2008


I've always thought of myself as the one lurking in the shadows. Not the bad evil one but the good one, the one who you sometimes feel is watching over you and protecting you without taking any credit.

For the tech geeks, I'd say am kinda like the driver that runs a computer device, you never actually see it but things can jam if the device driver is missing.

For the others, I'd say am not the life of the party but the one who kinda watches your back and makes sure stuff goes right.

Today's post is an attempt at uncovering myself and somehow emerging from the shadows into the light. I've never attempted to explain my self before or let alone fully open to people but this is a start and will certainly be one of my resolutions in the coming year.

Today's random stuff

The Christmas spirit has not yet fully engorged me, my tree is already up and the decorations are also unpacked but somehow was not amused by the snow the way I've seen in movies and efforts to make our snow man in the backyard with my sister were feeble and we failed to go beyond his big round bottom before losing the fire.

Somehow, getting to work was an easy thing. It was going to be a different day because I was going to see all my other intern mates from their respective sites and Monday is a kind of gathering of all the others for a debrief and you get to hear all their stories which are hilarious but I somehow hope I don't get to tell mine.

Some dude from work who I somehow told about my blogging and even threw in my blog address surprised me today during the short break.
I meet up with him while heading back towards my seat and he was like..

Him: "Yo man, I've been reading your blog."

Me: Sure? (Thinking. O.K I was hoping he'd forgotten about that).

Him: "You write about us. You have to stop writing about us." starts shouting to others, Yo! this dude has a blog and he be blogging about us.

Me: (thinking.......Duh!! It's called my stuff I can write about anything)

This was completely striping me of my anonymity, I was at loss of words, how was I going to start telling all my peers about my works? Lucky me, I was saved because the break quickly ended.

Being of the shadows, this move was putting me in bright light and it was scary. It also got me thinking I should actually get to show my self more to my reader's and even write more.

Just last week. one of my internship supervisor's also came across one of my blog posts. No thanks to Google. I was also completely caught with my pants down and did not know what to say when they started talking about my yaip post. How do you start discussing yo stuff? I quickly went into defense mode and almost said I did not even know what a blog is because I felt I was out in the open. Somehow, it ended so quickly and I don't fully remember what they said about it.

None of my family member's even knows about blogging, I still even look at mine as a private and personal space open to only a few, preferably ones I've not yet known or met, but with all these blog clubs and parties things plus Google, anonymity is very difficult to maintain and I might as well as give up on it.

I'll work on this "giving up" project and hopefully even get my kid sister to guest blog on my page.

That's just some of the stuff I thought about today.

How did yo week start? Oba you've already made that trip up upcountry?

Hopefully this brings you some holiday spirit

Thursday, December 18, 2008

One Week Later

The break from my self was only to last one week, this was such that I could not engage in my daily routine of doing things but to instead do things at will and instinct. One week indeed seamed too long and a lot happened in between.

Mr & Mrs Blogger's block decided to move in to share my muzigo. Apparently Cheri had chased them away and when they came knocking, they said that they only wanted chai, I should have known better because they completely took over the crib before even the tea was served. To an extent that whenever I sit down in front of knight, they came up with all sorts of tactics to make me loose focus and instead pay attention to them. Now that they have stepped out for some Christmas shopping, I can take these few Min's to give a recap of my vacation from myself.

Friday: I went in for my health Insurance appointment almost an hour early, the normal me would have used African time and been an hour late. It was such a long wait but the young chic who finally came for me was not only super hot but also very friendly and wow !she was such a flirt. Ideally, I'd have played along with her flirting game but I was locked away somewhere. I did not even get her name, phone number or email but she'd have been a great hang out pal. Which reminds me of some new series called "My Own worst Enemy" on NBC.

I finally started with my work internship site on Tuesday, It was such a long distance from home that I had to use 3 trains to get there. Normally I'd look for the shortest and quickest route but what about? It's a training and testing center(computer stuff) with the stuff mostly being Chinese, I was not surprised by this seeing that the area is almost like a mini china town. I liked the place at first sight, the china peoples are really great to work with and they are very friendly.

Lunch time was most interesting. Unfortunately, the site does not offer lunch which means I have to fish this out of my already shallow pocket. I went to some Chinese food place and they had quite an appealing menu, it was amusing to see frog, cat & dog among the menu items but I opted for rice, chicken & mushroom something which was very tasty and worth the 6 bucks I spent. Am still a long way off from trying tadpole soup but the dude I work directly with was taken back when I told him about the cherished nsenene mbu how do you eat insects?

M/w I can't do any thing with the other chic I promised to follow, that technically, am her client and that those things are not allowed. These Americans hmmm they are always deep thinking I'd not yet even made any pass or possibility of such action and she was already way ahead. Am yet to show her my intentions are pure and not even 100miles near to what she's thinking at the moment. For now am certain my pals Enrique, Igiss & Coochie Coo will show me a way forward with such scenarios.

Finally, The normal me is back, I learnt over the past week that am such a rude snob -that's what 15 people think even some bus driver. I decided to cut work today just because I can and bought myself Christmas presents from Amazon just because I have a new credit account and wanted to use it.

That's almost it, I can hear the aliens at the door, I have to post this before they come in. Somebody please help!!! How do I get rid of the Bollocks couple? I'd hate to have them around during this festive season.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still Tired.

My weekend was rather short.. From Friday till Monday, I've been moving around like some maniac.
Yes! Finally, I decided to go out and explorer Manhattan, such a feat of course can't be done in just one weekend but I grabbed that GPS, packed a few stuff and hit the road. I did eventually over worked myself and still feel tired from all that moving but at least I know most of the West side.

I can't really start to write down & share some of the drama and fun bits. For thy is not up to it so, here are some few pics to summarise the tour.

If too small, click on pics to see the full format photos.

Madison Square.

This guy was on my case and even wanted me to pay a visit to his tree house.


The cold forced me to don the ninja out fit and that's how tall the Empire state building is. That lady kept looking at my food through the whole meal.


China town. The food!! This is how the Thai peoples eat..delicious.

Yeah, I finished almost everything and was pleased with the preparation.

Some Library / Bookstore

Games, Now On Demand

Museum of Natural History

Facing the fallen terrors

Sea World

Times Square

Have to take leave for about a week from myself to regain my strength.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Oh!!! How I so wish I could drive!! Problem is, I just can't face my fears and get behind the wheels of those menacing metallic horses. My first attempt at taming one of these beasts was a hilarious mess I remember driving straight into the then Jinja road round-about in a friends car and I left him yelling in the car and took a taxi back home.

When I moved to the big apple, a pal warned and mentioned how I'd have to gain driving skills to manage this place effectively but I quickly dismissed him saying such stuff is for only chosen few for I'm happy taking rides in the passenger seat. But after yesterday's mix, his words came rushing back in and maybe, just maybe I should probably do something to face my phobia of controlling the metallic horse. My mum would be the happiest, she has been bugging me since day one to get my driving license in order to become her personal chauffeur but I always claim business rather than my phobia.

How it started
Some crazy instinct took over me when I received a call on my way back home and I jumped out of the bus only to find myself in the middle of nowhere. Some elderly guy I tried to talk first asked me for money and when I said I was out, he went away cursing and could not listen to me, the next person wanted to sell me crack and calls back to that office and home did not yield any fruits. How unbecoming of me but I was determined to go for my appointment.

To cut the long story short, I took about 5 buses before finally reaching my destination. One gentleman I met taking his son home and showing him the bus routes and numbers was of immense help. He made me avoid the $2 /bus fare for two of the transfers and advised me to use the African accent with the rest of the drivers to get to my destination without having to pay anything and it worked. You see I made a stupid choice in getting off my home bound bus and I actually had no money on me.

Destination at Last
This was not all in vain the person I went to see was fiercely hot and I was charmed by everything she said, I did not want to leave her office and the K.b was flowing. See thing is I was only there to get help with my health insurance but some how forgot this and spent over two hours in there trying to sell my self and even landed on a Job posting which would suite me considering it has stuff to do with computer's -Ive already sent in my resume.

It's bad I had to call her back and ask for train fare which felt awkward considering it was form someone you'd just had a love at first sight moment. She did walk out with me until we could get change and I was short of giving her a huge hug and peck for being so nice & beautiful. Should I follow up?

I got back home 2hrs later exhausted,cold, hungry and with a splitting headache. This did not stop me from going to and getting my self a TomTom & some other stuff much to the charging of my mum but that's another storo.
This Friday marks the end of my first 4week Internship orientation, hopefully we're shipped off to the work sites this Monday for the real dance, but today, it's party time for completion. Am looking forward to the pizza, shiken wings and whatever else is thrown at me tomorrow at work.

Have a great weekend

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Scribbler Award!!

I interrupt regular posting to bring a special announcement, In the short span of my blogging, I have received a award "THE SUPERIOR SCRIBBLER AWARD"

This award was presented to me by blogger Kinshar of Kinshar's world. I do not remember how I stumbled onto her blog but all I can say is once I found it, I always found myself going back for more. I find her to be a rather strong, fun and open minded woman who does not sugar coat stuff when she gets down to do her thing with her blog. Am honored that she gave me the award. Thanks Kinshar!

Now that I have the award, it gives me chance to also have some power and authority to give it out as I please Hahahah(evil laugh). However, just like any other awards, I am bound by the rules that are attached with the giving out process. The rules are rather short and straight forward.

  • Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5(five) most-deserving bloggy Friends.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to this Post,which explains The Award.
  • Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, we'll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives This Prestigious Honor!
I must admit it was a really hard call to come up with only five out of the many bloggers and blogs that I had to choose from but somehow it had to be done and without further delay, I present The scribbler award to

Miss Cheri, of "Sugar & Spice"
She was typically my first choice because when I did start on my blog, she was there and such a big encouragement and help. Reading her blog made me more connected and aware of the surroundings around me and I realised how vital it was to share & spread the blog love. I did think she was the blog queen at a certain point but this was confirmed when I realised I was one of her subjects and always getting back to hers. Hail the blogrean Queen!!

Princess, of "Seamless"
I had to include her because being my neighbor, I might get water splashed in my face for not mentioning her. No seriously the reason she's on my list is because of her writing, which I find so captivating and always makes interesting reading. Writing from a college view point even makes her blog more appealing.

Nevender of "Bloom"
This dude just had to be on my list purely because I found his thoughts and blog rather real and connecting mostly talking with a religious affliction. He seams to be one you'd easily get along with and does always compete for socks with me.

Ivan of "Edge(EOI)"
I've heard stories that he's among the grandpa's of blogging in Uganda. Sure enough I could easily believe this because he has such a wide network of blogger pals. I credit him for introducing me to more of Ugandan blogs/bloggers when he talked about the Blogsville which typically has a list of most of the other bloggers and in this way, I was able to connect and widen my network. Also I can easily Identify with most of his musings.

Lulu of "Where beauty Lies"
She's good, very good. I found her blog rather easy to navigate through and her free style of writing was unique. Of course she throws in the occassional poems once in a while which I always find deep.

Lastly, Oh!!!! Am out of awards but there are some still out there whom I belive also deserve the award. Antipop, B2B, S.K, Robyn, Tandra, Eddsla, Channel, Weak dudes and Ug gal to mention but a few, you'll really made giving out the award difficult but I still gots the love for you.....Besides, there is always next month so keep the spirit flowing

A big thanks to all for attending this month's awards have a great day all!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Holidays!! The Start

I was anxiously waiting for the weekend you see, I was already in the mood on Monday. Mine was starting early this time and was more thrilled when it did even earlier than expected because on Wednesday, we were dismissed at lunch time and though pleased, I missed to get my evaluation two.

The sole reason for the early break was the vigorous activity of that Wednesday morning and once the pay checks got into our hands, It was difficult to contain all the excitement and every one got so tired. Besides, it was thanksgiving the next day and black Friday the day after (two American holidays am glad for) and as such there was need to do shopping for those days.

Thanks giving was not as fulfilling as I'd anticipated, I got attacked by some virus the night before and practically spent the whole night awake. Had I gone for the flu shots, I'd not be in such suffering so instead of enjoying kulukulu with the many guest that came, I was miserable in my room drinking up some concoction one of the guests came up with. Am happy to say as I write now, it works because am in much better shape. This mixture recipe is for sale to the highest bidder as it works faster than the pharmacy drugs and is 100% organic.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures to share of the fun filled activities as my plans where all ruined and eating was such a horrible experience with my nose & eyes on fire.

Black Friday, the Friday after thanks giving is apparently made a holiday to allow for shopping. The prices of some select items are cut by sometimes even 80% for a very limited time. This has very many outcomes one of which is people camping outside big stores to wait when they are opened to rush in and grab stuff. It's also a dangerous activity that may lead to death as narrated in this story. I too had plans to also camp but safely in front of my PC screen waiting for mostly the apple and dell sites to open up their black Friday deals sales.

This camping plan of course went up in flames because for the first time in almost 2 years, I slept before 22:00hrs and by the time I woke up at 10 this morning, most of the stuff I wanted where already sold out and the deals already closed. I won't say how pissed I was but some people are going to miss my presents this year, my new debit card only has $300 which is peanuts in this difficult economy. All of a sudden am missing Ug so much where I'd be more on the receiving than the giving side.

Am thankful that I am much better now. A bit hazy but still able to wish all my fellow bloggers a happy festive/holiday season.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Self Evaluation One.

Am starting to enjoy my rather hectic and busy work experience. Much as I sometimes feel that it's a bit difficult for me to adjust into the US work ethics/hows, the internship is giving a comprehensive step by step process on how to get in and stay in employment with the various exercises and tests.

Today, I especially liked the exercise, It was something I'd never have thought out on my own or done unless some one encouraged me to. We had to do a personal court of arms which is basically like a short form of your goals, skill and walk.

Presenting my court of arms.....

1. If you could have any Job in the world, What would it be?
This was easy, I'd want to be a Network/System Admin with some big time firm like Google or Dell. Only because am fascinated by computer stuff and being an admin would give me all the access I'd ever want.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • More mature and developed in body, mind and knowledge.
  • Completing with college and staring my Masters degree.
  • Working with google and having my own computer firm.
  • A little thing running around me yelling "Daddy, Daddy".

3. What would you say is your greatest strength?
I certainly don't have a single greatest strength at this point. So, I went ahead and threw in all that makes up the mighty and powerful Emi's
  • Hardworking
  • Committed
  • Determined
  • Confident
  • Intelligent

4. What Is your Weakness?
Hmmm... beautifully crafted women. No I did not say this, much as I wanted to, Instead I said.
"I tend to overwork and get so attached to my work." Yes Am a workaholic and this is a bad thing seeing that I kill my social/family life. Bloggers, can you please help me get ride of it?

5.What Kind of Supervisor would You be?
If you were under me, you'd most certainly not suffer much but still face a flexible and understanding superior who want to see you get your duty done.

6.One Word Describing you?
Adventurous -The Indiana Jones type

The whole exercise made me ponder and think more about myself in a way I'd never done before. Actually get more focused and thoughtful.

what are you?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Summing Out the Weekend

So It has been a rather hectic and self awareness week for me, I learn't a lot this ending week and also got very tired along the way. I now know stuff like filling out time sheets and always taking breaks when ever they come up, please people, this is all new stuff to me. I missed out filling the time sheets in the first week and used to continue "working" even during the breaks.

The much anticipated weekend was ruined. I had to go in again for work on a Saturday and the whole Sunday was spent preparing and shopping for thanks giving that I did not get that much desired rest I was longing for. All in all, it was not a fun filled weekend even tho I managed to get in some stuff for the up coming thanksgiving dinner.

I did not even get chance to watch the movies I'd collected for the weekend, test the new GTA IV game or collect much wanted socks.

How was the weekend for you?

Me, I'd have wanted something like this!

Well, Am looking forward to brighter days with the upcoming new week.

Have a great one too!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today was a surprisingly fun day at work. Probably because I got in so late and got away with it tho this somehow affect's my hours and there is no way to redeem or pay them back but to wind it all up, it was one of those days of self realisation, amusement and peace.

T-bag who has the most charisma and fun is some one who you'd get jealous of if you are in my age group/stage and I sometime wish I was smooth like him. He seams to get away with the stuff he does and the shells for people, generally he's what I'd say the life of the party and even once picked on me.

Me and T-bag is good, We'd sometimes talk guy stuff and I find him an interesting and fascinating character with mob of game. He easily flirts with most of the chic's around and easily makes them laugh making some of us look terribly bad and suck even more in the pursuit to impress the co-worker chic's.

She also sure does dress smarter than me polished black shoes, long sleeved shirts e.t.c and was even giving me some fashion tips especially with growing the hair then putting on good cornrows like his.

Today at the closure, T-bag brought up one of his fun tactics and started dancing -totally like a chic. He did this with some other chic(somehow the hottest one) and seamed to be so perfect. To spoil the mood and finally get chance to shell him, I loudly proclaim laughing, "Dude, that's so gay, those moves your making"

I was corrected by some other guy near me who remarked, "what's gay about her dancing like that? Isn't that how girls dance in Africa?"

I calmly put my tail between my legs and went to confirm/appologise with T-bag. Turns out that it's true, he is indeed a she(real girl) but she made me feel more amused than embarrassed about the situation. All along for the 2 weeks we've been together, I thought she was a guy. It all explains the way she was acting and how she knows all the stuff that makes the girls tick, am still good with her and will probably learn a lot more from her for the remaining few weeks

Damn!! this is the 2nd girl in the group I've mistakenly thought to be a guy. The first one has hair really cropped short and dresses up very smartly like a guy(I'd dress like so's) from shirt to shoes. I always thought my ears heard wrong when I heard them referring to a she instead of a he when addressing him/her. I had to ask the guy(had beard) next to me which was which and he confirmed female. Of course today, when she asked if I also thought she was a guy, I lied.

Next time, I have to be more careful and look critically before deciding to call some one a he/she. I easily got away with this one but being more careful could save me a lot of embarrassment and avoid straining any relationship. Even tho it seams more reliable, feeling for the boobs is out of the question least I get a sexual harassment case

I now have to come up with another name. T-bag would certainly not suit a she. Any takes?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sex of a Fly?..

A woman walked into the kitchen to find her
husband stalking around with a fly swatter

'What are you doing?'
She asked.

'Hunting Flies'
He responded.

'Oh. ! Killing any?'
She asked.

'Yep, 3 males, 2 Females,' he replied.

Intrigued, she asked.
'How can you tell them apart?'

He responded,

3 were on a beer can,

2 were on the phone

No rewards for guessing which is which.

Good Day

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Latest Toy...

Finally after what seamed like months of waiting,(they did take their time & messed up my order) it finally arrived. When it comes to buying Tech-stuff, I prefer shopping online where you can have plenty of time to analyse, customise, compare and admire a work of art before ordering compared to going to the outlets where you have to depend on some sales agent interested in only getting you off their case and of course the shipping is usually free. Also you buy directly from the manufacturer meaning that you get a good bargain and can always apply the discount offers.

Am talking about the latest addition to my small growing family of gadgets....This time it's the over talked about Dell XPS 420. It looks something like this
hehehe I know sweet. This beauty set me back about $1500, it's a $2,279 value but I have my ways. It did come with a WNR2000 Wireless-N Broadband Router with 4 port switch and a free EasyShare C813 8.2 MP Digital Camera, which means I can actually start with picture for my blog.

The Specs are neat and most tech lovers would appreciate even the standard version reviewed on Cnet here. I did "pimp" it up a bit to match my desires and pocket and most notable is.
  • The 6X Blu-ray and 16X DVD+/-RW. At least I can now be able to watch movies and burn on the blu-ray drive.
  • 4GB DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz It's very fast to use.
  • Intel Core2 processorQ6600(2.4Ghz 1066FSB)w/QuadCore. I don't even know what this means exactly but it sounds good and eye catching.
  • A 640GB SATA Hard Drive. I know I could have done better than this but it's like 10x's bigger than the old one and can hold lots of music and movies.

Me Likes
At first time glance, you'll probably fall in love with the thing and after sample using it, you'll be completely drawn I did like most.
  1. The 22" wide screen flat panel monitor with web cam & mic....My mum & sis complained that this is two huge and unnecessary but of course they do not know these things and showing them samples of their images was enough to change their minds. I had to re watch QOS on this and it was better than on the old one. They say this panel supports High Def but I'll test my self when I get the $$ for a TV card and hook it up to cable.
  2. Speed...So much to say on this, stuff opens faster than am used to and the use is smooth. It came with a Dell Wireless 1505 adapter and after hooking it up to the home network, I was shocked by the download speed that almost clocked a record 1.5Mbs a personal one for me and am still in shock. Now imagine if I instead use the Ethernet 2 Gigabit Network Connection by connecting directly to the modem.
  3. Blue tooth, it came with a 19 in one card reader with blue tooth, though I do not have use for this feature at the moment, it's going to come in handy in the near by future with addition of other necessary stuff.
  4. The Blu-ray disk...Also a feature I'll be able too enjoy with passing time.
  5. The Chassis is nicely and beautifully finished. worth just looking at.

Me hates
Of course I had to look for the bad bits, although some people may say am just over complaining and price might have had a role to play, but still the things i did not like and could not quite figure out are there and are:-
  1. The Sound card, It has an integrated Intel® 7.1 channel High Definition Audio sound card which is completely useless for me considering I could only afford the D"ell AX510 Sound Bar UltraSharp Flat Panel Attachable Speakers" whose out put I've failed to appreciate.
  2. Windows Vista, I have no problem with Vista and actually prefer it to XP but I totally loath any Home Edition and the system was a Home Premium edition forget the Premium bit. It's just there to make it sound big but the limitations of using a Windows Home edition OS is clear in Vista. Up to now, am failing to connect to the shared drives of the old PC running Windows XPP Service Pack-3..I did manage this fit before at my old work place by assigning a static IP address to the XPP data storage machine such that the other Vista Home users could easily access it by using the IP-add instead and it worked. This time it is not and am starting to think it could be the SP-3 causing the zibs oba I configured the router wrongly(doubt highly) but am yet to know. May be if Solomon King and other tech geniuses and wizzards can offer a hand in this matter before am forced to upgrade Illegaly/legaly to the Ultimate edition.
  3. The Include anti Virus....I hate McAfee not only is it resource intensive(not that I have issues here) but it's also difficult to use(control) and much weaker in protection compared to the Kaspersky Internet security which I've become so fond of. It has 15 months subscription which I'd hate to lose so am forced to stick with it that long.
  4. The 128Mb ATI Radeon HD 2400 Video card I could have wanted something higher.
Apart from those, there is nothing else bad with the system with time, i should be able to customise it to the perfect best friend and it should be able to meet all my entertainment and gaming demands for my satisfaction and well being

This is the second most powerful machine am having at my exposure and use. The first one was an XPS 700 Jet black which was more costly and not as powerful as this because it only had 2GB ram & a 20" monitor without webcam. Originally I'd thought I'd call it the beast but It's actually quite a handsome machine and would certainly pull other female Pc's if they saw him.....

Am just now lucking a suitable name. Prince charming sounds really lame & gay....any suggestions?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

eeeooowwww!!.... my 4 worst moments

What happened to me today inspired me to write about these long forgotten matters. Obviously, we all have been in a situation or event that caused you absolute embarrassment and you could not think of anything other than the ground opening up and swallowing you to hide from all that shame.

From the start, I knew it was not going to be a good day. It started with the oversleep and me jumping out of bed @ 8:30am, that was late very late. The internship place is almost 45Min's away with the $van and an hr with the bus, but I was not getting late again today. The thing is I'd promised to quit if i ever made it late again and am a man of my word.

There was not time to take that much needed shower considering I'd even skipped the night one but at least I tried to brush and wash my face, the rest of the other small things would be done en route, so I threw in all the necessary stuff in my bag and rushed off. After the combing, polishing and finalising the dress up in the van, the most important item was not there. OMG where is that deo, where could it be? Am a profuse sweater at certain times and having to go with no antiperspirant is total condemnation for me besides, it also helps for the times when I've skipped with the usual shower.

I still went on and surprisingly was on time at least some thing good came out of the rush. However I was completely uncomfortable soon because within 30Min's of the teaching session, I was already feeling the perspiration trialing down my arm and I had no back up plan. I did try walking around with only my shirt and going out during the breaks yet even tho everyone else had on their heavy coats, I was not feeling the cold.

The sweat still continued for a while and my only prayer was no one would notice. I was totally embarrassed when T-bag talked to me at the end of the day and offered to bring me a deo the next day, some one had noticed in fact all the guys around me must have and I sat between two lovey girls the whole time. I feel scorned and sorry for making them suffer. He did further on talk about the sweaty smell and on the bus home, some high school girls noticed and kept holding their nose when looking at me. I lived through it all but am at loss on how to redeem my self. Of course the deo was smiling on my table when I got home, like it was laughing at me for not considering him first.
Lesson:never forget to pack the deo never.

The following are the winners of some of those other moments that have happened from the past. I rarely got an eeeooowww moment at home but somehow excelled in them at school . Of course they are quite a number and would take some hours to read/write but I'll only do 4.

1: The VIP treatment.
Starting my secondary, I was first made a day scholar when I'd just joined S.S. I had to run to the loos after my first lunch, It was a hole in the ground and when I went in for the afternoon lesson, the VIP perfume clung on my like some leech. It was too late there was not way I could shower or get it off me. The teacher was very miserable and he put it out on me no going out so all those classmates had to bear. It did wear off eventually but I earned the nickname stinky for almost week.
Lesson: Only kakka if the next step is showering.

2: Jazzing up the chic
This beautiful damsel a class below me was sitting in my exam room. during exams, you'd be distributed in different classrooms all over the school. this would give me chance to make a mark and impress. Gathering all my knowledge, I found myself on her desk during the night prep in order to try the charm some time during the reading. I do not how it happened but I woke up with a paper cigar in my mouth and a painful feel on my back from slap the teacher on duty. generously supplied. Apparently I was snoring so loudly and to think that the damsel did not even wake me up made me know she was not impressed. I spent the rest of the night standing in front of the classroom as if the shame from all the shells and abuses from the teacher. was not punishment enough. I changed to another exam room 3 classes away the very next day.
Lesson: Get lots of sleep before attempting to date some chic

3:The open fly.
Am certain most guys have had this one at some point. You know the stunt of opening up your zip and pulling the shirt to make a perfect tuck in, that's how mine began. I was a back bencher most of the time and before I'd completed one of these stunts, some chic claimed I was keeping her pen, I put the book in front of me on my laps to show there was nothing on the desk, she insisted and came over to look for her self. Every one was looking now and when she removed the book (without warning) the ka shirt sprang out and every one saw. The laughter that followed made the issues of the pen be forgotten and people made up all kinds of stories to torment me afterwards.
Lesson: Tuck in only in private.

4: The uncommon fart.
There was a fart master in class. He'd already done over 10 and every one was pretty much used to his stuff, to such a point it rose no laughter or surprise when he did it. So on some particular night prep, He opened up the reading with a quite one only few people must have heard. Towards the end of prep, I remembered his fart and suddenly burst into laughter, It was not even expected but out came this huge fart, it was more about the sound than smell because half the class must have heard it and every one burst out laughing. I immediately replaced the fart master and people still went to bed laughing about it, lucky it was the end of prep.
Lesson: Don't be laughing at other peoples mistakes

Those are the few I could feel O.k sharing of course they are some others I don't even want to start thinking about because I'd get so down.
Am sure some of you'll have had your moment
. What is the most embarrassing one you can share?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day One

Monday! Working On Monday for me is like telling an African Pig to take a shower, yes I hate having to get out of bed knowing that am heading off to work after a weekend of non-work activity. But It being the first day of my Internship, I reluctantly dragged myself out of the bed and prepped for the first gathering.

I did not really dress to impress and even intentionally left part of my hair uncombed just to send a message. "I am me and don't concentrate much on appearance" Thankfully in this new world, you can have your hair in any colour, shape, length and size so my message might have not reached home and I had to pay for putting on a T-shirt because the chill really got me good. It was kinda needless to go this way so am reverting to just being normal.

The first day was a total bore, it was slightly beyond my expectation and I fought hard to stay awake most of the time. I must add I thought of quitting at this point and heading back to my chill but with some slight encouragement from the coordinator and thoughts of the past 3 months of lounging, am staying in to discover the thrill and adventure promised. After all, who am I to judge a book by it's cover.

I did get very exhausted, probably because I've been out of action for a while now is the only explanation I can come up with for the sleep I had when I got back home (5-5) personal record.
Today Tuesday is Veterans day -God sent. I could do with the holiday and finally watch the movies I've been dying to -Quatam of solace and Madagascar 2 not yet in cinema here but I can't wait any longer and a friend from else where has just uploaded them to some secure server. Sorry I can't share the url, but hopefully I can give the kabozi.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

For the new week.

Pic of the day!!

While still on the weekend mood, remember this with the start of the week.

Have a great one all..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another One of those days..

Alas it rained on me. Good lord it rained on me and the rain washed away all my former cheer.

I had a beautiful night on Tuesday witnessing McCain being kicked in the balls and Obama becoming the first US black president. This was sweet, sweeter than the lemon crunch cake I've become so fond of. That night was full of crazy happyness and sunshine beamed to the safety of T.V set. Had I been out celebrating with the masses, I might have even lost my virginity just to make a "white-black " baby on this historical moment.

The next day would find me away from home. No, I was not going to join the non-stop parting of the democrats, but rather participate in some user experience survey for an upcoming gift website. For those of you who are tired of sheep being thrown at or receiving a Mojito(it's not a gay drink) without actually feeling it go down your throat on face book, this is exciting news. The site/app actually allows you to buy and send your friends real gifts which they can redeem on their cards(credit/debit) and spend at any bar or restaurant. Cool those who've run away from face book can jump back in to enjoy such services. It's still in it's beta stage but should be rather useful.

As usual, I got lost(someone please donate a GPS navigation system) and was with some incident because out of the blue it started drizzling and I half walked-run in the rain to get the survey place. It was still raining after my session and I had to get back home quickly. After all, what harm can a little rain do to me? Some ka woman I met selling umbrella's wanted me to take one at 10bucks ≈ 20K, I told her off with words that would make my blog censored when she tried to "force" me to buy. By the way It was a normal ordinary umbrella and I was not that desperate.

That "small" rain must have done some kinda damage because I virtually slept the whole night and whole day. I only got out of bed a few hours ago with a slight headache and the muscle "fire" still in my legs. Maybe am just unfit or weak but I've not felt this crappy since I greedily enjoyed direct-from-tank beer smuggled/stolen from the "cold room" at Uganda Breweries in Port Bell, Kampala(another story).

Hopefully this Friday, things can get back to normal. I'll steal an umbrella and get a long rest over the weekend.

What are you cats getting down to over the weekend?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


(c) stolen from some site which I can't seam to track back

He's a great family man, hence he should be able to effectively manage the much needed change at last.

Congs to Barack "Hussein" Obama and millions of other democrats

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Dear all, It has been a rather uneventfully weekend for me and as such have noting much to write about hence bring up this post I'd made some time back to use on such days. Of course, with the US election high up, I have nothing to say except Am hoping history is made today.

From the time I got that Mp3 player, I've been looking for music to fill up most of the allocated 2gb. Back home in Ug, this would have been a rather simple task considering that half of my lapi was packed with only music all compressed to create more space, long story short my backup external fell and I left my lapi home with big sis.

Music I love, Top of the list is rock, gospel, then some reggae. I was able to replace most of my collection with the help of the internet and some individual songs, I get Here!

My small player is not yet full and has space for about 130 more songs, Am not going to fill up a whole post with all that music only the top 5 artists in each music genera. This first bit will only have alternative rock the rest will follow in more scarcity times.

Rock- The Alternative
  1. Linkin Park This is one of my greatest bands, I somehow find myself listening to their music and I have most of their albums with me. The songs that get to me are from
  2. Cold Play Most of the cold play songs appeal to my inner self and I find them immensely comforting. The notable ones are:-
  3. GreenDay All my friends like green day, so its natural
  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers.
    • Album: Californication(1999) -Californication(Lyrics), -Otherside(Lyrics)

  5. Sound Tracks. These songs I mostly learnt about after watching the movie and had to get the full versions.
    • Gavin DeGraw - I Don't Want To Be: "One Tree Hill, Vol. 2" Ost
    • Breaking Benjamin - Forget It: Smallville: The Metropolis Mix
    • Goo Goo Dolls - Before It's Too Late: Transformers(The Movie)
    • Snow Patrol - Signal Fire: Spider Man.3
    • Dashboard Confessional – Vindicated: Spider Man.2
    • David Grey - Its Not Easy To Be Me: Smallville: The Talon Mix
    • Maximum the Hormone -What's up, people?: Death Note Ost
    • Goo Goo Dolls - Iris: City of Angels
That winds up the first few rock songs that made it to my player and cant seam to get enough of them. next is the rock- The Christian.

What's in your Player?

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Wednesday was the day for the final interview for the Yaip jobo, I was overwhelmed by the turn up -Over 50 people and they only wanted a much less than that for program the to make issues worse, I'd come in a bit late and just entered the room without knocking or apologising. Whatever, it was a group interview(more like test of social skills I think) so I was bound to get lost and forgotten in there somehow.

Nwho, at first, the whole thing was boring as it turned out to be all talk and questions I never really felt like participating in but I did get more engaged as 2 more speakers from came up and hinted active participation would get you hired. After the last talkist speaker, The Yaip bosses went out for short consultations and came with the dreaded list of the final 15 for the internship (These would be added to some group already selected about a week earlier).

YAIP is "Young Adult Internship Program" and It's a state program for mostly idle youths between 16-24 to better their skills and get them Job ready. Being rather such a slug and hyperactive was my guarantee for automatic qualification for the program.
I do wish Ug had such programs instead of allowing the politicians get more rich and yet the youth/graduates rot away in poverty on the streets.

Back to the program, from the look of things, It's going to be an interesting 14weeks with some notable individuals in my group. I did not bother to get names the first time so I'll mention them as I recall them.

There was Fatso -sHe wants to be a clothes designer and talked in the tiniest of voices which made every one laugh. Miss bling, had mob chains and large earrings + belt. She was used as an example on how not to turn up for an interview, I think she got in because she took it all in smiling but told me later on she was totally freaked and her dressing was the new modernity stuff -she's into fashion/game/anime mag editor. Then the she-male, this one was totally hilarious and did all kinds of funny stuff in the room of 15 where we wa getting further instructions. sHe had his hair in cornrows and could not stop smirking his lips and tongue at almost every skirt including the cute yaip program lady. This one kinda reminded me about T-bag, and did have some crude jokes -wants to do work in a day care center (God forbid). The Haitian a loud mouthed (talkative) chic who'd have been seriously hot had it not been for her hairdo that day and is also interested in starting her own day care facility.The yellow chic's guy, a biggie who had the size and beards that reminded me of singer Ruben Studdard -He was a happy jolly fellow and kept on stressing he liked gals with some yellow on their bones -think he meant the girls that are light-skinned and not dark. Him, wants to have his own mechanic workshop. The pretty kyana who I'd liked at first sight and kept staring her way several times did not make it to the final 15 List and thus I'll miss catching up with her (My loss). However plan B, her replacement who kinda reminds me of some chic I once liked did make it and hope she's as good as she looks -Yes I do prefer girl company to guys.

I was totally cracked up at the mention of the expected drug tests due in 4 weeks times.
I'll most certainly pass them but would sign any protest paper for the sake of some participants, some of who were already "making noise".

Winding up, about 7 more people joined our small group of 15 apparently there is firing in the internship just in case you fail to meet some of the standards set up and they are supposed to the alternate replacements in such a scenario. Hot chic was still not among this lot but I'd to leave and could not wait to hear more stories given it was way past lunch time and we'd not even been given the break.
Hopefully she's in the final group.

They do seam to be a lively bunch and am looking forward to interacting with them and staying in the internship come 10th Nov when Obama is president.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Looking for

I'm looking for a lover not a friend
Somebody who can be there when I need someone to talk to
I'm looking for someone who won't pretend
Somebody not afraid to say the way they feel about you

Is it you? is it you?
Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for
Could you be the one for me?
Could you be the one I need?

These are the opening lyrics to the song that am currently feeling "Cassie - is it you". I wonder if I should post this on my up coming profile.The rest of the song lyrics is here. This song, I knew about from the movie Step up 2: The streets which is a sequel to Step up. The whole movie has great dancing moves and that's one of the things that kept me watching it till the end. nwho back to the song, Yes this one

The clip shows some scenes from the move but lacks the throbbing opening beat on the original song here. Isn't she hot?

Movie synopsis
Am terribly bad at doing this but If yo Interested in the plot, thankfully you can get the whole story from these guys.

The dancing, It was completely awesome. Reminded me of the time I tried my hand at dancing way was not easy I had to get hurt and break some of my already fused bones to be able to make a "wave" that would seam impossible and finally danced at school and church. However, that was short lived as it seamed there was more to life than just dancing and soon gave up with this venture. I think I can still do small time break dancing tho.

The hot chicks!! Not only could they dance but could also turn heads.

The movie made me realize how much excitement my life lacks. I've not yet learned how to walk in this huge big new city let alone made new friends and as such can't experience or explore the best out there. May be I will eventually.

If you've not yet caught this movie and like movies with no serious plot line but great dancing action, then it high time you check out

The other great movie for the weekend was Max Payne, by the shooter guy Mark Wahlberg. No I did not pay the 15 bucks for the movie but watched a bootleg version like 5bucks from some street hawker which was pretty neat. All I can add is am certainly going to buy the dvd release to experience the movie with minimum interruption from the guys going to the loos.

What did you guys get up to over the weekend?