Monday, July 20, 2009



The past 4 days have passed and am not even finished with one post. I have about 6 drafts and I now believe the blocks have moved in permanently.

How was every one's weekend??

Enjoy the rest of the week

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What I've Done?

Am at that phase where I only get about 4hrs of bed rest. Am not complaining about it, am already used to the patter by now but it means I get so little time to update my posts let alone catch up with what every one is up to.

A recent survey I took on face book says my stress level is @ 97% despite trying it several more times, I could not get the number lower. It went on further to say I should manage my time bulungi...Only if whoever made that quiz could take up my shoes.

If you do not believe, here is a printout of my results. Interesting stuff I must admit

Like the say such things do not last for long, Am rushing up with stuff such that I can enjoy later on. At least that's my plan. Everything seams set for me and I have no deadlines as yet.

The Eve story should come up on my next post, which will be this weekend. For the moment am off to think out ways of maximising and managing my time well.

How are the rest of y'all?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July!!!

One thing is certain, the Americans are terribly proud and maximise on fun during the 4th of July holiday....Believe me up till about 8pm that glorious day, I did not know it was all about their independence till I curiously asked a Hispanic bystander why he was yelling he loves America so much.

"We get to party all night and a beautiful display of fireworks" was his jolly reply before disappearing into the passing chanting crowd without satisfying my curiosity.

My new made friend Eve(another story), who convinced me to join in the celebrations finally told me it was really all about the American independence...

I was so tipsy all my photo shots came out hazy but the beautiful almost 40 min display was spectacular and just like sex, much better live than from some display on T.V

Here is my best standing some where on 40th St.

The rest of the night I spent dancing away drinking and puffing away at Cuban hand made Cigars, needless to say, having plastic really made the night sweeter.