Monday, February 13, 2012

Waking up

So this is some old post I wrote back in 2010, it cried to see daylight and who am I to refuse such a request..

Never before have I had such a long and reflective weekend, I kept hoping and hoping and hoping it was Monday again. I must say I've also never been so excited about a Monday like this before.

No am not going to collect any prize money from a recently won lottery nor am I going to propose to the love of my life but it's the day when I throw out the stuff that are holding me back from moving on and becoming what my full potential is.

The past three weeks have been full of failed projects and plans..Like any one would do at first, I totally lost the gas and took up a life of solitude just me and my self having nightmares about my shattered dreams.

Over the weekend, I did watch the movie Twelve Monkeys and it was such an inspirational movie. The way Bruce Willis suffered and picked himself up when he'd finally accepted he was mad and useless to the world was more touching than the pursuit of happyness.
The whole story opened my eyes and for the first time in a week, I was able to see and realise that you can keep on going however crazy the world takes you so long as you belive in yourself.

I also saw the dump that had become my room, It looked so ghastly when I took a picture for memory and to keep the Monday spirit alive I'll not post it. The load of unfinished things to do list stuck on my wall and the phone calls and follow ups I never made.

Am so done with this procrastination and dwelling in failure, first thing for the change is my room. The rest will follow after and this week will find me out of the house trying to make my mark on the world. Am glad the pressure is off and I can finally pick up my shattered dreams again and be what am meant to be.

Monday, January 31, 2011

In Brief

It's been a few busy and hard months down the road and thinking about all that time, I have nothing to show off in terms of achievements. To wrap up the year.

I crushed 3 more cars, thankfully no one was injured and thus the conclusion I should never be in control of those metallic beasts. The fines were heavy and I still think it's the instructors mistake.

I worked over 6 jobs, I must say all of them were very demanding, boring and monotonous. I'll never work in retail, fast food, or day care. Some jobs are just not cut out for me. Well currently am enjoying working as a college assistant in my college. It's a fancy title but I basically do nothing and I love it, you get to meet lots of chics and a few tricks should impress them.

Still it is very hard to get into a relationship. With all the eligible single ladies, most guys find it easier to free range. Who am I to break from the tradition! Am certain one day I'll meet her and she'll tag along but until that day am available.

I did my fair share of interstate travel. I loved the Boston club(read gals) never before had I taken about 30mins to walk about 10 steps. The chics were all over me no sooner had I walked through the club door. This was very different from the NY birds who will ignore you even though you dance on a needle but later on chase after you when all your interest is lost. Back to Boston, I must confess it was great getting all the attention but such a shocker when the club was closed at 2am.....Who does that? just when the place is kymukaring.

I briefly went to Arizona -To see the grand Canyon, it's magnificent beautiful and breath taking. I'd one day love to throw a huge party out there. Then Vegas for a 4 day weekend!! It was nice but what happens there should never be revealed.. You have to visit to know why.

Are any of my goals achieved? I do not care or have any idea, I go with the flow and those goals are so big that thinking about them makes me stressed.

Right now am back at school. Boring old school!! so it'll be a while for me to start regular posting again

That's just about it!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


This being my fav part of the year, I brush off the dust and cobwebs and awaken.

To wish my brother's and sister's a wonderful and joyous festive season.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I think I've lost it, we're already in Feb of 20-10 and still no new post from me. People always change and the change for me is less writing and reading to more chilling and some more chilling. I mean when I think about it, it feels like there is nothing I have at hand to show for the past few months although believe me I've been busier than a bee.

Talking about bees, did you'll know how much I love honey? I did not know how much until I got withdrawal symptoms this past January, when there was none in the house for about a week. I could hardly keep my eyes open for long and constantly felt week. Thinking about it now, I'd use honey in almost every thing -have you tried grilled pork salad with honey? what an intense orgasm in the mouth when it touches the tongue and mastication begins.

Sadly because of certain eating habits, I went up about 6 lbs. It's becoming increasingly difficult to maintain my 155 lbs mass and even though I moved the scale to my room, no encouragement to reduce has kicked in yet. Sure there is the school gym with lots of beautiful sweet honey's to encourage you work out and all, I've never stepped near 30 meters of it, I actually do not know where the exact location of this honey meet up is. It could be laziness or just laziness, but what ever it is, my investment on a $130 home gym is yet to feel me.

Well I did eventually get my learner's permit like about 2 months back, just walked into a DMV, took the darn test and had 20/20 it's actually an easy test. But I think until a gun is put to my face, I might not master the art & science of taming, then riding the metallic horse.
To hell with resolutions, like you can already see, it's better not to make them or plan things in advance but rather move along your set path and tick off things as they come along. I'll certainly try to be more close to my blog family because I've not been the best of a member.

Till later, Stay well!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happens to the best of us!!

Thanks to Jny23 for waking me up from my sweet slumber.....I was enjoying it so much that I completely forgot about my blog family and duties. I wish it was that enjoyable, truth is like Chantal, I somehow forgot my password and even recovering it was tossed aside.

What's new?

Lots of stuff actually. In short I'll say I've been there and done that.

Migrating to my new portable powerhouse left me with nothing to do but play all those games I so wanted to but was limited with graphics.

Ah yes, I winding up my first sem of college...Oh my what a wonderful and beautiful place to be...All the long hours class laboring and bonitiful chics and guys. My school have pple from almost every corner of the world and I'll admit that my favs are the hybrids...A mixture of Brazil-Indian hair with African booty and Latino!!

Btwn Someone please share the link for the node six blogs....I also gave up trying to get it.

How I've so missed you guys!!

Nice to be back tho!!