Monday, January 31, 2011

In Brief

It's been a few busy and hard months down the road and thinking about all that time, I have nothing to show off in terms of achievements. To wrap up the year.

I crushed 3 more cars, thankfully no one was injured and thus the conclusion I should never be in control of those metallic beasts. The fines were heavy and I still think it's the instructors mistake.

I worked over 6 jobs, I must say all of them were very demanding, boring and monotonous. I'll never work in retail, fast food, or day care. Some jobs are just not cut out for me. Well currently am enjoying working as a college assistant in my college. It's a fancy title but I basically do nothing and I love it, you get to meet lots of chics and a few tricks should impress them.

Still it is very hard to get into a relationship. With all the eligible single ladies, most guys find it easier to free range. Who am I to break from the tradition! Am certain one day I'll meet her and she'll tag along but until that day am available.

I did my fair share of interstate travel. I loved the Boston club(read gals) never before had I taken about 30mins to walk about 10 steps. The chics were all over me no sooner had I walked through the club door. This was very different from the NY birds who will ignore you even though you dance on a needle but later on chase after you when all your interest is lost. Back to Boston, I must confess it was great getting all the attention but such a shocker when the club was closed at 2am.....Who does that? just when the place is kymukaring.

I briefly went to Arizona -To see the grand Canyon, it's magnificent beautiful and breath taking. I'd one day love to throw a huge party out there. Then Vegas for a 4 day weekend!! It was nice but what happens there should never be revealed.. You have to visit to know why.

Are any of my goals achieved? I do not care or have any idea, I go with the flow and those goals are so big that thinking about them makes me stressed.

Right now am back at school. Boring old school!! so it'll be a while for me to start regular posting again

That's just about it!!!


Ugandan girl said... closing at 2 and you are complaining...where i live if they close at two you rejoice..:-)

apr9 said...

3 wats the total of cars u've crashed?

TRP said...

3 cars and it was the instructors fault??

Emi's said...

@ Ug is when the party sets in...what time do they close

Apr9 counting to date 4...rammed into a wall last week.

TRP the bad workman always blames his

Lucie Chihandae said...

Lol i should visit u up in NYC