Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weekend Moods?

This Thursday was the graduation ceremony for the internship I recently completed. I must confess that generally, going for graduation ceremonies to me is like being told to dig and plant potatoes from dawn till dusk.

I've been to a few grad ceremonies and I often wonder what the point of sitting through the entire ordeal is. Not that am condemning them all entirely but why would there be need for a graduation ceremony for someone completing Nursery and Primary school.

Back to mine, although I was a bit late , It was good to see my peers and say final byes and best luck wishes. It was a bit shocking that I had to wait such a long time for my mum and sister to get ready. The event was at Midday and by 11 they had still not got their act together. I was done in less than 10 minutes. The big question for me is WHY DO LADIES TAKE A HUMONGOUS AMOUNT OF TIME GETTING READY FOR OCCASIONS?

There is nothing much to write about the ceremony. Saying that I enjoyed it would be an absolute lie. I did take some pictures but I liked this most....

Yay!!! that's me with the mountain dew can, but what I liked about this is that sculpture piece...I do like Art.

It's Friday!! and although this whole week has been like a weekend for me, am glad I can finally focus, pop the corn and settle down to complete some movies have waited patiently. In case you're wondering, this will be my movie marathon
  • Gothic
  • Eagle Eye
  • Hannibal
  • Hannibal Rising
  • Babylon A.D
  • City of Ember
  • Tropic Thunder
  • Perfume - The Story of a Murderer
  • 18Year Old Virgin
  • Igor
I still miss one movie to complete the list any recommendation?

What y'all be up to?

Great Weekend!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Neighborhood.

The View from my window sucks and anyhow, I rarely look out the window.
These pictures are some of my neighborhood surroundings I captured when I went out walking this afternoon in the cold sun.

As seen there is nothing much to do in such a quiet neighborhood. Fishing and Swimming in the bay is not allowed mbu because of national security. It's not such a great idea living near an international airport worse still if it's JFK but am getting used to the kick of it.

Life was more noisy, social and easier in this place, I'll always call home. There was always pig and kigele nearby. This is the only picture I could savage of the old place.
my old crib

Player: Usher -You Got It bad

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Games, Games and More Games

Its exactly one week since I laid down my tools and signed out of my internship. No I did not quit or get fired, the period just came to it's intended stop and I found my self free from any commitment or work.

What did I do with all the free time?
Unfortunately for me, I did not plan for what to do after I finished my Internship. The work and travel was just too stressing that I thought I'd get a short break before thinking about what to do to bring in some shs

The past one week has been rather too short. When you find yourself free, somehow the time you hoped to gain somehow get consumed. I thought was going to watch some of the movies I'd rented some time back but what I ended up doing did not give me chance to catch up on digital media. Yes am a PC

I luckily got for my self one of the most talked about games on market, Call of Duty - World at War, which has got me hooked like some drug.

The game is 100% addictive. I've never known myself to be a war person and used not to crave the Rambo, Chuck Norris and other war movies that seamed to dominate the Kibanda's and home theater but from level one I could not stop and found my self playing way into the night trying to finish the missions and advance.

It also has a multi-player mod that you could connect online and play with various people from allover the world which I've not yet had chance to utilise given my early experience in war affairs.

So far this is much better than the GTA IV that had some how become idle on my disk....

As seen, I did not step out of the house for a moment and did not have any blog post except this one to say Call of Duty Rocks..I'd recommend it for passing time enjoyably and getting some of that anger, adrenaline or what ever else gets at you out

Currently looking for a pc game controller pad

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

V.Day weekend

I'd already had my day planned out for this lover's day. Being single, this was rather simple and uncomplicated seeing that I had no one to impress except myself -A rather easy feat I can accomplish with a blindfold and both hands tied.

I donned on a lime-green sweat shirt, my mum once bought for me after being span that green was my best color, and went off to the nearest Cinema from home which some 45 mins away by bus. I'd got tickets for Pink Panther 2 but later on changed my mind and went in for Taken. Much as I love Inspector Clouseau (Steve Martin), I thought a more macho movie like Taken would fit the occasion more and how right was I.

The Movie was totally awesome. It's been quite a while since I've watched an action movie I've greatly appreciated, well since body of lies, but back to Taken, there was quite a number of single-ish ladies in the room and the one I sat next to was some hot thing.

She's the reason I'll have to re-watch movie because when I said my hellos and allowed to share my popcorn, it was like she'd not come for the movie or had watched it before. Poor girl, some how I lost her number there was no way I could tell her sorry I can't take you home with me for at least another 2 years when maybe am ready to lose it.

Good News(At least for comic freaks):I did also see in the Cinema ads that finally Watch Men will be in theater's this March and only then will I feel inclined to again spend $8 for a movie ticket.

I spent almost my whole Sunday randomly. I got an unlimited one day card and took the train aimlessly. Somehow I ended up in Brooklyn and spent sometime window shopping. I even entered one of the closing Circuit City stores and was amazed and how people where fighting for stuff. Apparently because it's closing shop, all goods must go and thus will be sold at throw away prices.

If you want to sell stuff quick, just put up a closing soon sign, selling stuff at throw away claim, reduce the item amount very slightly and watch your stuff fly off the shelf. After over an hour in the store there was nothing that caught my eye. However in some other small time store, they had this point and shoot I could not resist it was about $240 and the sales guy had made me think leaving the store without it would be like throwing away a dream. In an attempt to search my pocket for money which I knew was not there thus escaping the purchase, I got my debit card in the shirt pocket. I was almost a week away from asking for a replacement card after searching for it in vain previously but the joy of seeing it made me the proud owner of a Casio EX-Z1200(in picture)

I foresee a spicier blog

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

PG 13! Say What, Say What

I recently upgraded my o.s to 64bit Vista Ultimate, threw in an anti virus internet suite that is agreed by many to be one of the best and activated the parental control

I was very amused and surprised when I could not open one of my favorite blogs and her story is here. This is evidence that she sure deserves an award for the sexiest Ugandan blog if it's content could make the internet security software horny.

The real story
Apparently, Kaspersky did a quick heuristic analysis of all the posts in the blog and thought that the materials contained might not be conducive for the young ones and further exposure to the contents may lead to premarital babies and as such should be rated and blocked.

What else it reported I will not write down to avoid my blog getting in bad books but all those sexy pictures, virgins and baby father's are some of the 65% unsuitable content on Cheri's blog.

This was very funny and I had a good laugh but I had to kill off the parental control even though it was at the lowest of levels.

I love the blogs unrated withall the pornographic and erotic material so keep em coming.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Surviving V-Day Alone

For some of us, this Valentines will probably mean nothing more than a normal casual day especially when you have no significant better half or missing rib to max with.

Valentine’s Day has turned out as a special day to mostly celebrate romantic relationships. However the truth is much as you try to ignore all the Love around you, you can’t help but fill empty and bored while everyone else is having a blast.

So here’s a list of my 14 ideas which I’ll share with my fellow single thugs and ladies, who've not made any reservations for that day.

1. Dress up in a completely different theme. The traditional color for this day is red and black. Be different and fish out those yellow, green, lime and the other colors from you wardrobe you’d not normally be found wearing. This will certainly set you apart from the crowd.

2. Call up those other single homies and(or) pals. You are not alone, am sure scrolling through your phone book, you can come up with at least 3 friends who are also alone. They’ll be more than happy to get out of there misery and join you on a rampage of the town. So go ahead and holler at you peeps and invite them out on a singles night out.

3. Do not call any of your family member’s. Sure much as you might want to deceive yourself and believe that this day is all about love, calling your mum or dad to say that you love them and that they are your Valentine is a disappointment to the old folk. They’ll really feel sad that there beloved daughter or son could not think of any other person except them. So do not subject them to this pain rather let them assume that you are having a blast and fun time out there with your better half.

4. Indulge yourself in what you desire most. Hit that pork joint and ask for 5kg’s all for yourself. There is no greater satisfaction that having a great treat for you. If you are the sweet tooth type, get all the chocolates and candy you can afford and go spoil yourself. eating a whole bucket of ice cream would cool a lot of things for you.

5. Rent a movie or go out to watch one. Round up some of your single friends for a movie night on this day. Do not make yourselves more miserable by watching the romantic type movies, rather make the theme strictly horror, thriller or comedy and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll forget about being alone.

6. Read a story book/novel. I do not have much to add here, being not so much of an ardent reader, will keep me away from recommending any material for valentine. On second though reading might be too demanding and stressful rather, instead look out for one of those free food and drink events. Many people desire a wedding on Feb 14th so on this given day, they'll be over 100 receptions for you to freely make an appearance and enjoy to your fullest and no this is not considered gatecrashing but a necessary voluntary service that the hosts usually expect.

7. Play a game. Now with the numerous games out there, one can never run out of an idea for a game. Monopoly would be a good choice if some friends are coming over with bottles and brown paper bags, almost everyone has a pack of playing cards which come in handy for such days. Playing PC games also makes that time run so there is really much to choose from if you'll be gaming.

8. Go to work. Feb 14th is considered a national holiday and this might just be the right time to finish off a deal you’d been putting off. Look around for people who are in need of babysitting service and make your day busy while earning.

9. Do a selfless thing. For example, go for a charitable event. It would not only be a great cause and satisfaction to go for a soup kitchen or visit the sick in hospital to encourage and pray for them but also get points for your self along the way.

10. Bath. You might also consider taking that long needed bubble bath, while other people are busy getting dirty and spoiling their bodies, the 2 hours in the bath will leave you sparkling clean for a week, A good thing for the thugs.

11.Mischief. It might not be a good thing but when you are really, really still miserable; doing some mischief might be some kinda fun. Go to a place where they are couples and make a scene. Also prank calling the police, a restaurant or other busy place might not be the best idea but it’s completely understandable if you find yourself doing this.

12. Clean up your room. This is not a viable option for all but for the few who only get in to sleep and throw stuff around, this free time might actually give you a chance to stay in and do some house cleaning. You’ll certainly gain more than twice in health, spending money and finally finding that lost important piece of stuff.

13. Go enjoy with the bed. You do not have to be the lazy type, as most people would think rather this is also a wonderful opportunity to catch up with sleep. Nothing beats an early start to bed where you can dream away your sorrow and loneliness.

14. Take a risk. If all can’t work, contact that person you’ve had your eye on for sometime and you’ve not yet made any move even though you know they are single. Make up some excuse of wanting some company and talk them out of whatever they are doing to have just 30 minutes of anything that you cook up. Never know this might be the chance you finally hook up.

Happy Valentines!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Waste of Time

We've all sat down and watched a movie till the end and then asked ourselves what have I been watching? how come I did not pass out and doze?

Well the last movie I watched gave me this kind of feeling. It was an Anime and if you have not yet heard about my love for anime, now you can and I'll let it be known that I'd steal to watch them.

So I download this anime movie from amazon to let pass time, I donno why I even choose it in the first place from all the other animation movies but I think it must have been it's price which was so affordable that I did not bother to wonder why it was that cheap.

The movie am talking about has the great and mighty (to some) Samuel L. Jackson. Somehow, I've failed to appreciate this guy's movies ever since his scene in Coming to America...and if you can recommend any movie you liked with this dude as the main character, I'll pay handsomely.

Back to the story, the culprit movie was Afro Samurai - Resurrection. It's about some,......I do not even want to bother taking about it just do a google search if you want to know what it's about.

After the movie, I thought whoever made it must have totally been nuts. Making an African(American) a Samurai warrior does not do any justice to the black man. It's just like trying to make an elephant mate with a chicken and some things just never click.

I warn you, if you do go ahead to watch, be prepared to get waste your money, time and finally bored. It's a movie to put if you want to revenge on a friend for making you feel bad once upon a time.

For all Anime Lovers Resident Evil IV a must watch -well If you don't mind some gross stuff.

Am currently reading Douglas Adam's HHGTTG a very interesting read especially on the bus where it's o.k to burst out laughing. Am fighting off the temptation to watch the movie, which has DJ Honda a.k.a Mos Def, whom I already like, cast as Ford Prefect. I've stolen a few peeks at some bits of the movie and although a 2005 movie, I'd definitely recommend it for anyone who wants a fun movie night.

Winding off, I only have less than 2 days of my internship and I've only learnt about 6 Chinese words, shame I'll be moving on but I so much need a small break from work..every one deserves a vacation once in a while -Right?

Am Well!

They say, the seconds before you die, your whole life flashes in front of you. well a least that's how most books and movies put it.

The past few hours on my sick bed were filled with memories of my childhood and and sometimes a dark cloud seamed to hover over me, I would then quickly open my eyes expecting to see a dark hooded figure with a rather long shiny sickle except he was not going to harvest any grain crop.

This figure was always not there and this would make me calm again. Yes you see I believe that the grim reaper really does exist and when I told my sister about my bad dreams/hallucinations she mentioned that it was just the pain mixing up my cerebrum and making me experience what most people would call near death experiences and thinking about it, I've had quite a number of them.

Am also a firm believer in self healing and allowing the body regenerate itself and fight off any infection so despite all the pleas and begging from close ones about going to the hospital for treatment, my inner self refused and only accepted to take a couple of advil's and take solitude in my room and meditate/pray.

Well I did get up on Tuesday feeling perfectly normal. Whatever was bothering me is completely gone and seams for a long time. I did not have to go see any Doctor and am glad I stood my ground. Although it feels like a month, it's only for 72 hours that I felt really sick.

If you believe in yourself and trust God then He'll always be there to see you through the hard times and I give him credit for making me well again.

Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement...and yes no worries I'll still proberbly be going for a full physical some time soon just to make sure am still in good shape.

For the moment am taking regular exercise and rest more seriously.

Monday, February 9, 2009

It Sucks

My whole weekend was wasted nursing some illness that came so suddenly and vigorously.

It's quite a shame that my long awaited chill weekend was filled with pain..pain allover my head to such an extent I thought it would explode.

I hate hospitals and doctor's(not the person) that's why it was out of the question...

I was secretly wishing it was Malaria, it would be very easy to self diagnose and my body reacts rather well with a little help from the single dose Metakelfin, but for the moment I'll try to wait and fight off whatever is causing the headache, there is even no fever or weakness

Eventually the pain forced me to take some pain killers(with scary possible side-effects) and hopefully they work....I still do kinda feel crappy.

I have no idea whatever I have but hope I get better to avoid that visit to doctor.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Driving...Part 1

Everyone expects me to be able to drive myself by now but alas I still do not know how to help myself in case you gave me your car keys. It's so bad that I can't even manage an automatic which people say drives it's self, of course I do not believe this because I remember once siting in my neighbour's automatic for almost 30 mins and the thing did not even move an inch despite all the honking I did.

So this morning when I found myself at the DMV offices, I felt I should try out the theory test for my permit. This was so abrupt and I was inclined to take the test as a first step to overcoming my driving phobia.

I swear the test was not even that long or difficult but what do those road signs actually meant? I once did SST and road signs where such a walk over. who does not know what a zebra crossing is and that red on the traffic light means stop?

In the end, my test results could not qualify me for the next step -getting a learner's driving permit. I was not really so disappointed at least I passed 14 questions and the consolation I have is I'd not really planned to do the test and it just happened simultaneously.

The American signs are somehow different from the normal ones am used to, wait, I don't even remember seeing or noticing any road signs during some of my rides in Kampala (being interested in).

I was given a book to go and read such that I can educate myself more about the road system and then come back for the test. I'll look at that book some time when am read to go start learning till then, driving is not a priority at the moment.

Props for those who have obtained their driving license, it's actually not easy like I'd thought.

How do you people manage driving? How did you win over the fears?