Monday, February 13, 2012

Waking up

So this is some old post I wrote back in 2010, it cried to see daylight and who am I to refuse such a request..

Never before have I had such a long and reflective weekend, I kept hoping and hoping and hoping it was Monday again. I must say I've also never been so excited about a Monday like this before.

No am not going to collect any prize money from a recently won lottery nor am I going to propose to the love of my life but it's the day when I throw out the stuff that are holding me back from moving on and becoming what my full potential is.

The past three weeks have been full of failed projects and plans..Like any one would do at first, I totally lost the gas and took up a life of solitude just me and my self having nightmares about my shattered dreams.

Over the weekend, I did watch the movie Twelve Monkeys and it was such an inspirational movie. The way Bruce Willis suffered and picked himself up when he'd finally accepted he was mad and useless to the world was more touching than the pursuit of happyness.
The whole story opened my eyes and for the first time in a week, I was able to see and realise that you can keep on going however crazy the world takes you so long as you belive in yourself.

I also saw the dump that had become my room, It looked so ghastly when I took a picture for memory and to keep the Monday spirit alive I'll not post it. The load of unfinished things to do list stuck on my wall and the phone calls and follow ups I never made.

Am so done with this procrastination and dwelling in failure, first thing for the change is my room. The rest will follow after and this week will find me out of the house trying to make my mark on the world. Am glad the pressure is off and I can finally pick up my shattered dreams again and be what am meant to be.