Thursday, October 30, 2008


Wednesday was the day for the final interview for the Yaip jobo, I was overwhelmed by the turn up -Over 50 people and they only wanted a much less than that for program the to make issues worse, I'd come in a bit late and just entered the room without knocking or apologising. Whatever, it was a group interview(more like test of social skills I think) so I was bound to get lost and forgotten in there somehow.

Nwho, at first, the whole thing was boring as it turned out to be all talk and questions I never really felt like participating in but I did get more engaged as 2 more speakers from came up and hinted active participation would get you hired. After the last talkist speaker, The Yaip bosses went out for short consultations and came with the dreaded list of the final 15 for the internship (These would be added to some group already selected about a week earlier).

YAIP is "Young Adult Internship Program" and It's a state program for mostly idle youths between 16-24 to better their skills and get them Job ready. Being rather such a slug and hyperactive was my guarantee for automatic qualification for the program.
I do wish Ug had such programs instead of allowing the politicians get more rich and yet the youth/graduates rot away in poverty on the streets.

Back to the program, from the look of things, It's going to be an interesting 14weeks with some notable individuals in my group. I did not bother to get names the first time so I'll mention them as I recall them.

There was Fatso -sHe wants to be a clothes designer and talked in the tiniest of voices which made every one laugh. Miss bling, had mob chains and large earrings + belt. She was used as an example on how not to turn up for an interview, I think she got in because she took it all in smiling but told me later on she was totally freaked and her dressing was the new modernity stuff -she's into fashion/game/anime mag editor. Then the she-male, this one was totally hilarious and did all kinds of funny stuff in the room of 15 where we wa getting further instructions. sHe had his hair in cornrows and could not stop smirking his lips and tongue at almost every skirt including the cute yaip program lady. This one kinda reminded me about T-bag, and did have some crude jokes -wants to do work in a day care center (God forbid). The Haitian a loud mouthed (talkative) chic who'd have been seriously hot had it not been for her hairdo that day and is also interested in starting her own day care facility.The yellow chic's guy, a biggie who had the size and beards that reminded me of singer Ruben Studdard -He was a happy jolly fellow and kept on stressing he liked gals with some yellow on their bones -think he meant the girls that are light-skinned and not dark. Him, wants to have his own mechanic workshop. The pretty kyana who I'd liked at first sight and kept staring her way several times did not make it to the final 15 List and thus I'll miss catching up with her (My loss). However plan B, her replacement who kinda reminds me of some chic I once liked did make it and hope she's as good as she looks -Yes I do prefer girl company to guys.

I was totally cracked up at the mention of the expected drug tests due in 4 weeks times.
I'll most certainly pass them but would sign any protest paper for the sake of some participants, some of who were already "making noise".

Winding up, about 7 more people joined our small group of 15 apparently there is firing in the internship just in case you fail to meet some of the standards set up and they are supposed to the alternate replacements in such a scenario. Hot chic was still not among this lot but I'd to leave and could not wait to hear more stories given it was way past lunch time and we'd not even been given the break.
Hopefully she's in the final group.

They do seam to be a lively bunch and am looking forward to interacting with them and staying in the internship come 10th Nov when Obama is president.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Looking for

I'm looking for a lover not a friend
Somebody who can be there when I need someone to talk to
I'm looking for someone who won't pretend
Somebody not afraid to say the way they feel about you

Is it you? is it you?
Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for
Could you be the one for me?
Could you be the one I need?

These are the opening lyrics to the song that am currently feeling "Cassie - is it you". I wonder if I should post this on my up coming profile.The rest of the song lyrics is here. This song, I knew about from the movie Step up 2: The streets which is a sequel to Step up. The whole movie has great dancing moves and that's one of the things that kept me watching it till the end. nwho back to the song, Yes this one

The clip shows some scenes from the move but lacks the throbbing opening beat on the original song here. Isn't she hot?

Movie synopsis
Am terribly bad at doing this but If yo Interested in the plot, thankfully you can get the whole story from these guys.

The dancing, It was completely awesome. Reminded me of the time I tried my hand at dancing way was not easy I had to get hurt and break some of my already fused bones to be able to make a "wave" that would seam impossible and finally danced at school and church. However, that was short lived as it seamed there was more to life than just dancing and soon gave up with this venture. I think I can still do small time break dancing tho.

The hot chicks!! Not only could they dance but could also turn heads.

The movie made me realize how much excitement my life lacks. I've not yet learned how to walk in this huge big new city let alone made new friends and as such can't experience or explore the best out there. May be I will eventually.

If you've not yet caught this movie and like movies with no serious plot line but great dancing action, then it high time you check out

The other great movie for the weekend was Max Payne, by the shooter guy Mark Wahlberg. No I did not pay the 15 bucks for the movie but watched a bootleg version like 5bucks from some street hawker which was pretty neat. All I can add is am certainly going to buy the dvd release to experience the movie with minimum interruption from the guys going to the loos.

What did you guys get up to over the weekend?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Suprise Interview and Babies

I can not believe it's already Friday. This week has gone really super fast and reflecting on the past days, it feels like I hardly have any thing to show off that would earn any applause let alone an award but seeing that I need to write, here goes.

Last weekend was a total mishap. I was hoping to settle down to an Indian Jones marathon and later on search the suitcases in the basement for warm winter clothing but instead ended up doing lots of cleaning up and arrangements downstairs which on inspection turned out to be dusty and I got the sniffles. Visitors also turned up unexpectedly and took over the entertainment system, of course I had to behave bulungi and we instead settled down to watch some Nigerian movies which up to now I've failed to appreciate.

Monday was a big day for my sister. She had finally finished some internship program and was graduating together with her friends and the organizers prepared a small exit occasion for them which I happened to attend hoping to meet Princess. It's at this function that they announced openings for the next intake and invited people to come and register for the next day.

With the current economic crisis and many layoffs in US, it's becoming increasingly difficult to get the jobs and this program could be a window of opportunity for me to gain some experience and do quick networking. That's what was on my mind when filling out the application forms and when I was ready to leave the lady I gave my forms asked several questions then I was whisked away to another office for more questions and then lastly more questions by a third person who said I'd passed the first part of the interview and should come next Wednesday for the orientation and final selection. I must say I was shocked! I did not think those where interviews, they asked so many questions about me and my plans and I'd answered all of them casually & without much thought crossing my legs several times and making jokes here and there. How was I to know? I've never done an Interview before but I know you always have to comb your hair, look for that suit and know you're going for one. Am glad I did It.

On Wednesday night playing around with the T.V remote, I discovered something on cable called on demand. Apparently, It's a feature that allows you select and watch specially selected programs, movies e.t.c at your own leisure and time since you can pause and fast forward (cool!!!). I was taken up by a documentary on BBC America on demand called My Fake baby, which is about lifelike baby dolls like one shown below

Paulana ©

It was amusing to note the love and money women/people put into such babies one spending up to £300 on baby clothes. These babies can cost hundreds to thousands of pounds to make , but more of this story is here, which gives a recap of the whole documentary. I'd just read about these guys and their soup kitchen experience. Watching this show only made me think that this money could be sent for such causes and could possible solve some of Uganda's zibs especially in concerns of basic human needs.

It's another week gone and am looking forward to next week especially meeting new people. I hope to do some other movie marathon this weekend an event which is inching in to my calender.

Also Obama is leading in polls and tho I try to be non political, I sure hope He emerges Victorious

Great weekend!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bad-ass Bikers and...........

My whole night was filled with action, A notorious biker gang was chasing after me for my head; all because I'd taken a picture of them forcing their colleague to do a complicated stunt that lead to him answering divine summons. They eventually caught up with me and forced me to do the stunt which was jump over a pit of spikes and do two turns in the air with a racing bike.
I closed my eyes and went for it after the first turn in air, I failed the second and saw my self tumbling down towards the spikes......I woke up with a continuous scream from the pit.

It was all but another one of those dreams, we all have them. I did not expect to dream about bikes and their cruel masters but last evening, there was a very loud rumbling and honking enough to wake up the dead from their slumber, which is rather unusual for my normally quite neighborhood, I ran outside to see what the commotion was all about and wow! there from the beginning to the end of my street were all kind of bikes and some pimped up rides all in some kind of procession. They must have been over 50 bikes I stopped counting after 33 and quickly ran for the camera, no way was I going to allow this pass undocumented. I fear, dread and loath bikers since watching the Sons of Anarchy series on Fx, certainly their bikes are much better & classier than the Ug ones (if you stay around nsyambya-bunga-kansanga-gaba) -The bikers that usually go to Gaba and back weekly..I used to stay near Didi's and they noise they made was unbearable, I could only see a bunch of wannabees and am sure am not the only one who hated this gang and secretly plotted(wished for) their down fall.

Any who, Am not certain if the big, rugged guy with massive beards and ugly tattoos on his arms riding a huge bike that came towards the side walk and swang his arms towards me was after me or just pulling a stunt but he missed me by inches and my camera survived narrowly being shattered all over the sidewalk. I was safe in the house within seconds and watched the rest of the procession properly hidden behind my window curtain. I've heard and even watched from movies that these guys have no respect for the law or people and I was not in mood to experiment that night, if this is truth or myth. the last vehicle had a casket and I pieced up the story they must have been honoring one of their recently deceased comrades hence, disturbing the peace for the whole neighborhood. I later learnt that they always ride around when one of them perishes in a terrible accident and that they may come again some time. Guess this experience lead to my nightmare that night.

After reading carlos, I totally now think that the last thing/event on your mind before heading off to sleep will determine what you'll dream about. Agree?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Since then..

The cold bit at my legs and slowly crawled up till my.......spine, The wind lashed at the window and I could hear the rain outside bashing at the metallic fence. Inside, the bed looked so warm and inviting; "Just jump in and take an hour off" a voice seamed to say to me, but I forced myself to ignore it and continue with my reading.

This is how it continued for me since my last post. I received an email with the results for the pre tests I'd done about a week earlier and tho they were not that bad, I was shocked with the maths and social studies ones...I'd need much better results if I was to pursue IT which would suite someone like myself whose first passion lies with computers and networks......

So the rest of the week period was spent calculating, calculating and calculating tons of equations and familiarizing myself with the rest of those complicated math stuff. I also had to read the us history and economics bits to improve on my social studies part. This meant I had to switch to my extra work mode which is basically constant research/reading, ban from the Internet/ communication, loads of coffee and 2 hrs sleep.

The final tests paid off bulungi. most of the questions where childs play and I was finishing way before the end time...This is an indication that the results should be superb and good, very good.
So that explains my short disappearing act. Am sure glad am done with that bit. I hate tests and exams but somehow they are part of life and we have to just face them preferably well prepared.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Independence day

Today marks 46 years since we gained our Independence from the British but have we really kicked them out(coloniolists)?

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Tenth One!!

At last am on my 10th post, I know some of you probably have thousands of posts but am really excited to be writing down my 10th because, honestly I did not expect to reach this far. A huge thank you to blogger Miss Cheri aka Miss Chantal Who has been an Inspiration and encouragement till this point and I dedicate this post to her. Thanks also to all those who have taken time to read my writings.

Unfortunately I've been kinda super busy and even missed watching the last episode of Smallville and as such could not write any thing about it but that should come up in the following post. It's 5am and I took a break off quadratic equations and geometry to quickly put something on my blog. I was thinking about it for a while and so far, this is what I've learnt since my re genesis of blogging

  1. Blogging is fun and educative. Since beginning blogging, am compelled to write better English and proper ways of connecting words and sentences. I must add it's a great boost to writing, analytical skills and encourages coherent behaviour.
  2. Blogging is addictive. before starting to blog, one should be told it is attached with a warning, Caution: May be addictive and harmful to individuals. Since starting, I find myself always thinking of what I'll put next as my next post and how should I write it down. It's to such a point that everything am doing is a potential story for my blog and if you love writing, it's the way to follow. Am yet to discover/know the harmful bits involved but one I've heard about is connected with law.
  3. Blogging also means reading other people's blogs. This, I only discovered after about my third post. It's no great use writing if you can not take time to read what other people have on their own blogs, in this way, you could see what style they use and how they put their opinions forward. Additionally, the posts are also great reading and satisfactory, there fore you are also considered a blogger if you read blogs.
  4. Blogs, being in an internet environment, can be an excellent way of sharing knowledge and opinion freely with friends and professionals allover the world. This creates new connections and some kind of unity, What some would call a Blogosphere.
  5. Blogging is Illegal. Okay this bit is not very true in all areas of the world except in some Asian countries and work places. I've heard of people who have been discontinued from work or arrested by their government for engaging in blogging activities so it's wise to find what extent it's acceptable before venturing any further into blogging.
  6. Blogging is also a great way of spending free time. When you have a lot of time on your hand, it's always advisable to utilize this time for a good cause and what better cause than blogging to express and share your opinions.

Also some questions that have come up since my initiation into blogging and any answers are welcome to some or all of them. They are:-
  1. How far is going far in blogging? (i.e which elements are unacceptable in some posts)
  2. Is it fine to steal another blogger idea/post?
  3. Do you have to make the posts very lengthy/long?
  4. How often should you update your blog? (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly?)
  5. The Do's and Do not's of blogging?
  6. Can You actually make some money out of blogging?
  7. How do I promote my blog?

With that said, after my 10th post, blogger correspondence is opened and you are all welcome to write to my email add with disses, praise and suggestions. The email add is

Since I still have some weight on my back, the next post will probably be around Thursday when I've shed off most of that weight.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Going Out Vs Staying In

Sharing my last story with my mum and sister only brought laughter and mob shelling for me. I had expected them to be more sympathetic having lived in NY much longer than me, I bet they must have had such similar situations.

My mum had always insisted when I arrived some two months ago to get out there explore my neighbor hood and sure enough I can easily get around down town NY where I live from home to the super market and Library. The experience certainly raised questions in my mind like; May be I should start outing? May be am not yet ready? should I go visit the city parks?

At the moment, these are my thoughts at the going out and staying in options.

Going out??

Sure!! It’s nice to go out and see the world but this is my say on general outings

Bad people: Sure enough dancing is fun but I froze this because of some dudes back in Uganda at Angenoir night club where I accidentally joined a circle of guys dancing and they turned out to be gay eeeooww!! Am not gay and I do not hate gays but they should not come on to straight people sure this ugangan gay advocate guy (I’ve read about in some blogs and on BHH posts) may have some thing to add on. The fear meeting more of these individuals maintains my suspension in night clubbing. People getting drunk and wasted is another story

Friends: Going out is fun with friends. I’ve had dozen outings with friends and they were all fun. The times I’ve gone alone, I get so bored and vowed never to go outing without having someone to share the thrill and experience with. So till I make new reliable friends, outing is on pause.

Money *shs*: There is the saying “money does not buy happiness” but I strongly believe that may be money does buy happiness what’s your say? In this new world, money is a big necessity to be able to do any thing. Being currently broke means that I can not reliably enjoy the good things money offer such as transportation, tickets and numerous other things for entertainment pleasure. Thinking about where else this money could have been place makes me consider a lot in outing…....and no am not a tightwad.

Note that, you can always do what you want to do when out in your house for free.

Staying in??

No way! Unless it's raining, I do know people who swear by that saying but here goes my say

Work done: Finally you can get the chance to tidy up your room, do some gardening in the back yard, blog or finish up some reading which adds to your happiness without having to spend the dime.

Own Playlist: Chameleon – No thanks!! I remember having to endure this guy’s music at some outing and you could not fast forward or convince the DJ to try some thing else. I sometimes prefer having some level of control over what I can call music to listen to.

Video Games: I always look forward to Grand theft Auto and Mortal Combat, Two of the games you are most likely to get me engaged in. it gets so hard to leave without finishing some levels and you'd certainly not stop until you realize it's way past your bed time.

Virtual Reality: Advance in technology and power of the Internet have defined a whole new going out experience. You can be anything you want online and be the most social person without having to face any dangers of REAL life.

Lastly, The thing I love most about the staying in bit is having the power to virtually control the activities you engage in. Beat That!!

Don't you'll get me wrong, I like going out every once in a while if the occasion, crowd and venue is all right and the money is available, but most of the time I'm certain to be found staying in

I'd received some information and lots of stories from a friend who once lived in New York some 5 years ago but apparently lots has changed since then and I will eventual some day get off the internet and conquer the big apple and he also sent this link with some of the stuff to do in nyc

What can I say? I'll sure give it a try and certainly blog.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lost in Manhattan

On Monday I received a call from one school I'd applied to. Obviously, they wanted to meet me to do some sort of orientation and tour of their school. I must say i was impressed and excited This was a chance to finally get out of the house.

The school is located in Manhattan where I've never gone before. My appointment was at 2:00pm plenty of time to search for the place in the morning hours. A quick search on map quest reveled the journey would take about 2 hrs by subway and would have to use two trains the A & L, so I left at 10:30 this morning to get on Time.

There was no incident on the train except for these two transvestites who kind of freaked me out. No they did not try to talk or do anything to me. Just that their sight was too ghastly for me. Why would a guy dress up as a girl complete with false boobs and hair? Am yet to understand that and making matters worse, they were sitting opposite me and seamed to be staring! How uncomfortably that ride was, I was sure glad when they got off before me.

I switched trains much more easily than I'd anticipated and just before my last stop, there was a train jam. Oh My goodness!! I thought that such things would not be in outside countries and it was a long wait (wish I'd come with that MP3 player but again it's still unloaded). Almost an hour later, we were finally cleared to go. The map quest directions after this stop was all wrong because the destination was not there...... instead of 498 on 7th Avenue it was some thing else. Oh how I miss the boda-boda guys somehow they knew every place in & out side kla and would even help you honk at the gate.

Any who some 30 mins later I'd still not got the place, calls to my contact did not help much and at the verge of giving up, there it was. I'd actually passed it several times moving up and down the street and on the opposite street. I could not help laughing at my self.
The security were all excited and full of questions after seeing my Ugandan passport of course Idi Amin(RIP) somehow came up and much as I love talking about ug, I was late and did not have much time for this dilly-dally shillyshally.

I had to see some one else because my appointment time was way over due and I got the grand tour of the place. The whole interview process was almost an hour and the only thing not taking me back is the price they want for the N+ course.

It was also a hustle getting the subway station to get the train back home. I sure need of proper method of getting around!!