Friday, October 24, 2008

Suprise Interview and Babies

I can not believe it's already Friday. This week has gone really super fast and reflecting on the past days, it feels like I hardly have any thing to show off that would earn any applause let alone an award but seeing that I need to write, here goes.

Last weekend was a total mishap. I was hoping to settle down to an Indian Jones marathon and later on search the suitcases in the basement for warm winter clothing but instead ended up doing lots of cleaning up and arrangements downstairs which on inspection turned out to be dusty and I got the sniffles. Visitors also turned up unexpectedly and took over the entertainment system, of course I had to behave bulungi and we instead settled down to watch some Nigerian movies which up to now I've failed to appreciate.

Monday was a big day for my sister. She had finally finished some internship program and was graduating together with her friends and the organizers prepared a small exit occasion for them which I happened to attend hoping to meet Princess. It's at this function that they announced openings for the next intake and invited people to come and register for the next day.

With the current economic crisis and many layoffs in US, it's becoming increasingly difficult to get the jobs and this program could be a window of opportunity for me to gain some experience and do quick networking. That's what was on my mind when filling out the application forms and when I was ready to leave the lady I gave my forms asked several questions then I was whisked away to another office for more questions and then lastly more questions by a third person who said I'd passed the first part of the interview and should come next Wednesday for the orientation and final selection. I must say I was shocked! I did not think those where interviews, they asked so many questions about me and my plans and I'd answered all of them casually & without much thought crossing my legs several times and making jokes here and there. How was I to know? I've never done an Interview before but I know you always have to comb your hair, look for that suit and know you're going for one. Am glad I did It.

On Wednesday night playing around with the T.V remote, I discovered something on cable called on demand. Apparently, It's a feature that allows you select and watch specially selected programs, movies e.t.c at your own leisure and time since you can pause and fast forward (cool!!!). I was taken up by a documentary on BBC America on demand called My Fake baby, which is about lifelike baby dolls like one shown below

Paulana ©

It was amusing to note the love and money women/people put into such babies one spending up to £300 on baby clothes. These babies can cost hundreds to thousands of pounds to make , but more of this story is here, which gives a recap of the whole documentary. I'd just read about these guys and their soup kitchen experience. Watching this show only made me think that this money could be sent for such causes and could possible solve some of Uganda's zibs especially in concerns of basic human needs.

It's another week gone and am looking forward to next week especially meeting new people. I hope to do some other movie marathon this weekend an event which is inching in to my calender.

Also Obama is leading in polls and tho I try to be non political, I sure hope He emerges Victorious

Great weekend!


Cheri said...

Just making sure of the socks b4 I read.

Princess said...

LOL@ Cheri.
@ Emi: Meeting you would have beaten that Nakintu fiasco, hands down. :-)
I hope you get that job!

Will be checking out that cable thingy.

the antipop said...

well congs so far. do lt us know how the next one goes

minty said...

Hey. I thought I'd visited your site before, but maybe you just sound familiar.
That baby looks too lifelike.
All the best with the job hunt.

nevender said...

Just passing by