Monday, October 6, 2008

The Tenth One!!

At last am on my 10th post, I know some of you probably have thousands of posts but am really excited to be writing down my 10th because, honestly I did not expect to reach this far. A huge thank you to blogger Miss Cheri aka Miss Chantal Who has been an Inspiration and encouragement till this point and I dedicate this post to her. Thanks also to all those who have taken time to read my writings.

Unfortunately I've been kinda super busy and even missed watching the last episode of Smallville and as such could not write any thing about it but that should come up in the following post. It's 5am and I took a break off quadratic equations and geometry to quickly put something on my blog. I was thinking about it for a while and so far, this is what I've learnt since my re genesis of blogging

  1. Blogging is fun and educative. Since beginning blogging, am compelled to write better English and proper ways of connecting words and sentences. I must add it's a great boost to writing, analytical skills and encourages coherent behaviour.
  2. Blogging is addictive. before starting to blog, one should be told it is attached with a warning, Caution: May be addictive and harmful to individuals. Since starting, I find myself always thinking of what I'll put next as my next post and how should I write it down. It's to such a point that everything am doing is a potential story for my blog and if you love writing, it's the way to follow. Am yet to discover/know the harmful bits involved but one I've heard about is connected with law.
  3. Blogging also means reading other people's blogs. This, I only discovered after about my third post. It's no great use writing if you can not take time to read what other people have on their own blogs, in this way, you could see what style they use and how they put their opinions forward. Additionally, the posts are also great reading and satisfactory, there fore you are also considered a blogger if you read blogs.
  4. Blogs, being in an internet environment, can be an excellent way of sharing knowledge and opinion freely with friends and professionals allover the world. This creates new connections and some kind of unity, What some would call a Blogosphere.
  5. Blogging is Illegal. Okay this bit is not very true in all areas of the world except in some Asian countries and work places. I've heard of people who have been discontinued from work or arrested by their government for engaging in blogging activities so it's wise to find what extent it's acceptable before venturing any further into blogging.
  6. Blogging is also a great way of spending free time. When you have a lot of time on your hand, it's always advisable to utilize this time for a good cause and what better cause than blogging to express and share your opinions.

Also some questions that have come up since my initiation into blogging and any answers are welcome to some or all of them. They are:-
  1. How far is going far in blogging? (i.e which elements are unacceptable in some posts)
  2. Is it fine to steal another blogger idea/post?
  3. Do you have to make the posts very lengthy/long?
  4. How often should you update your blog? (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly?)
  5. The Do's and Do not's of blogging?
  6. Can You actually make some money out of blogging?
  7. How do I promote my blog?

With that said, after my 10th post, blogger correspondence is opened and you are all welcome to write to my email add with disses, praise and suggestions. The email add is

Since I still have some weight on my back, the next post will probably be around Thursday when I've shed off most of that weight.



Be silent said...

socks Beat That

buttercookie said...

Lol BS...hahaha, beat me to it.

Emi, thanks for putting me on blast. But it's cool. U're welcome and it's my pleasure. If a small thing I do can inspire u or anyone, then I have fulfilled my purpose here. Blogistan.

Blogging is fun and addictive. Ask me.

1. U never go too far. even when u have nude pics of yourself onyour blog, it's ok, because, it is your blog/your opinion and u have a right to it.
2. U can steal a post as long as u attribute it to the original author, otherwise it's plagiarism.
3. U make posts whatever u wanna make of them. It is your blog munange.
4. Update your blog on a regular basis bambi. We hate being left out in the cold with nothing from our favourite bloggers.
5. I don't know them, lemme consult the committee.
6. Yes u can. Make it very popular and global then watch the advertisers buy space.
7. Comment on others' blogs.
8. I know u have no 8th qn but I'm sorry for posting a whole post in your comments.

-Miss Cheri

Princess said...

Err, me I am here for purely selfish reasons.
A Ugandan blogger?
In Queens, NY?
What's your phone number? :-)

tumwijuke said...

1. Yes, you can go too far. Sure there is always an audience for rot, but is it the way you want to go?

2. Sure, 'steal' a blog post idea, but do credit your source. You build a reader's confidence when you are brave enough to attribute material and ideas that are not your own.

3. Your posts can be one word or one million. It's the beauty of the blogsphere.

4. Update your blog when you can, just don't leave your readers hanging on too long. If you have posted everyday for a week, don't go awol for a year. Develop a rythm conducive for you.

5. Dos and donts? Dude, it's the web. Everything is permissible, but not everything is acceptable.

6. Money? Promotion? When you figure out how, give me a call.

Happy blogging!

Emi's said...

Thanks people for the answers and suggestions.

Cheri I did have a qn 8 but i decided against it.

Princess, Yest to all your qns except am still failing to decide on which phone plan/company to join so no phone number as yet. you could still use email. it's