Thursday, October 30, 2008


Wednesday was the day for the final interview for the Yaip jobo, I was overwhelmed by the turn up -Over 50 people and they only wanted a much less than that for program the to make issues worse, I'd come in a bit late and just entered the room without knocking or apologising. Whatever, it was a group interview(more like test of social skills I think) so I was bound to get lost and forgotten in there somehow.

Nwho, at first, the whole thing was boring as it turned out to be all talk and questions I never really felt like participating in but I did get more engaged as 2 more speakers from came up and hinted active participation would get you hired. After the last talkist speaker, The Yaip bosses went out for short consultations and came with the dreaded list of the final 15 for the internship (These would be added to some group already selected about a week earlier).

YAIP is "Young Adult Internship Program" and It's a state program for mostly idle youths between 16-24 to better their skills and get them Job ready. Being rather such a slug and hyperactive was my guarantee for automatic qualification for the program.
I do wish Ug had such programs instead of allowing the politicians get more rich and yet the youth/graduates rot away in poverty on the streets.

Back to the program, from the look of things, It's going to be an interesting 14weeks with some notable individuals in my group. I did not bother to get names the first time so I'll mention them as I recall them.

There was Fatso -sHe wants to be a clothes designer and talked in the tiniest of voices which made every one laugh. Miss bling, had mob chains and large earrings + belt. She was used as an example on how not to turn up for an interview, I think she got in because she took it all in smiling but told me later on she was totally freaked and her dressing was the new modernity stuff -she's into fashion/game/anime mag editor. Then the she-male, this one was totally hilarious and did all kinds of funny stuff in the room of 15 where we wa getting further instructions. sHe had his hair in cornrows and could not stop smirking his lips and tongue at almost every skirt including the cute yaip program lady. This one kinda reminded me about T-bag, and did have some crude jokes -wants to do work in a day care center (God forbid). The Haitian a loud mouthed (talkative) chic who'd have been seriously hot had it not been for her hairdo that day and is also interested in starting her own day care facility.The yellow chic's guy, a biggie who had the size and beards that reminded me of singer Ruben Studdard -He was a happy jolly fellow and kept on stressing he liked gals with some yellow on their bones -think he meant the girls that are light-skinned and not dark. Him, wants to have his own mechanic workshop. The pretty kyana who I'd liked at first sight and kept staring her way several times did not make it to the final 15 List and thus I'll miss catching up with her (My loss). However plan B, her replacement who kinda reminds me of some chic I once liked did make it and hope she's as good as she looks -Yes I do prefer girl company to guys.

I was totally cracked up at the mention of the expected drug tests due in 4 weeks times.
I'll most certainly pass them but would sign any protest paper for the sake of some participants, some of who were already "making noise".

Winding up, about 7 more people joined our small group of 15 apparently there is firing in the internship just in case you fail to meet some of the standards set up and they are supposed to the alternate replacements in such a scenario. Hot chic was still not among this lot but I'd to leave and could not wait to hear more stories given it was way past lunch time and we'd not even been given the break.
Hopefully she's in the final group.

They do seam to be a lively bunch and am looking forward to interacting with them and staying in the internship come 10th Nov when Obama is president.


nevender said...

Can I take the socks? I am also told I can take the boots.

And I haven't read yet..just excited...

A moment and I will comment with something sensible.

nevender said...

Emi, what would idle youth in Uganda mean? Do you think it would also refer to me, just sits behind a pc and reads blogs the whole day? eh?

Talk about suprises; Miss Bling with large earrings and a belt is a gamer!! And Fatso a fashion designer with a small voice!

About the she-male, I agree...boy/girl shd never be seen anywhere near a day care centre.

You and I are twins; I also prefer girl company to guys...unless of course I have guy zibs.

Wow..wish you the best. Too bad "your" chick did not make it.

eddsla said...

lol at she male.

Yaip sounds like a good program for the youth.
good luck

Apr9 said...

Hope u last thru the internship....all the best.

Since u put a name to most participants wat do u think ur name would be?

Cheri said...

Yes, President Obama of the USA!!!

Cosigning u all the way on that.

Good luck in err'thing else Emi...atte my luck wishes are strong.

Tandra said...

even me i want an internship like that!!

hook me up?

Emi's said...

@Nevender, Yeah you do qualify for being idle....shame there is no similar thing in Ug I'd compare to.
@Eddsa, It does seam good especially in meeting new people and learning their culture. Also you get placement in a Job simulation environment
Thanks Apr9 & Cheri I'll try to make it through to the end and pass the drug and other tests
Tandra, I might. We'll talk.

sleek said...

you guy, you intern wit tea bag?? i think i'l pass on internship...enjoy urself though...nice question apr9.

lulu said...

haha emi, i read the one before the weekend wjen you watched step up 2 da streets, can you imagine i havent watched that movie, watched the first, read on rotten tomatoes that max payne is a totla bore... maybe i should try not to listen to vcritics but i surely felt the same way about babylon ad and it was total crap... anyway as for the interviews... real funny, the guy who kept smacking his lips... eeeh , then the bling girl...bambi fatso....i wish iwas there on the panel...i like guy company to gals

lulu said...

yup about obama... i like the faith, i woke up at 4 ths moring, (ugandan time) to see what was happening on cnn, bbc and aljazeera

Emi's said...

lol @ sleek opening up old wounds, I was trying to dodge Apr9 interesting question but thinking about it, I could not think of any other name that wd do me justice. I'll get one with time...

lulu Max Payne was a bit dull for me, but am hoping the Dvd release will be much better. Not yet done the Babylon AD, but It's Vin Diesel