Thursday, October 2, 2008

Going Out Vs Staying In

Sharing my last story with my mum and sister only brought laughter and mob shelling for me. I had expected them to be more sympathetic having lived in NY much longer than me, I bet they must have had such similar situations.

My mum had always insisted when I arrived some two months ago to get out there explore my neighbor hood and sure enough I can easily get around down town NY where I live from home to the super market and Library. The experience certainly raised questions in my mind like; May be I should start outing? May be am not yet ready? should I go visit the city parks?

At the moment, these are my thoughts at the going out and staying in options.

Going out??

Sure!! It’s nice to go out and see the world but this is my say on general outings

Bad people: Sure enough dancing is fun but I froze this because of some dudes back in Uganda at Angenoir night club where I accidentally joined a circle of guys dancing and they turned out to be gay eeeooww!! Am not gay and I do not hate gays but they should not come on to straight people sure this ugangan gay advocate guy (I’ve read about in some blogs and on BHH posts) may have some thing to add on. The fear meeting more of these individuals maintains my suspension in night clubbing. People getting drunk and wasted is another story

Friends: Going out is fun with friends. I’ve had dozen outings with friends and they were all fun. The times I’ve gone alone, I get so bored and vowed never to go outing without having someone to share the thrill and experience with. So till I make new reliable friends, outing is on pause.

Money *shs*: There is the saying “money does not buy happiness” but I strongly believe that may be money does buy happiness what’s your say? In this new world, money is a big necessity to be able to do any thing. Being currently broke means that I can not reliably enjoy the good things money offer such as transportation, tickets and numerous other things for entertainment pleasure. Thinking about where else this money could have been place makes me consider a lot in outing…....and no am not a tightwad.

Note that, you can always do what you want to do when out in your house for free.

Staying in??

No way! Unless it's raining, I do know people who swear by that saying but here goes my say

Work done: Finally you can get the chance to tidy up your room, do some gardening in the back yard, blog or finish up some reading which adds to your happiness without having to spend the dime.

Own Playlist: Chameleon – No thanks!! I remember having to endure this guy’s music at some outing and you could not fast forward or convince the DJ to try some thing else. I sometimes prefer having some level of control over what I can call music to listen to.

Video Games: I always look forward to Grand theft Auto and Mortal Combat, Two of the games you are most likely to get me engaged in. it gets so hard to leave without finishing some levels and you'd certainly not stop until you realize it's way past your bed time.

Virtual Reality: Advance in technology and power of the Internet have defined a whole new going out experience. You can be anything you want online and be the most social person without having to face any dangers of REAL life.

Lastly, The thing I love most about the staying in bit is having the power to virtually control the activities you engage in. Beat That!!

Don't you'll get me wrong, I like going out every once in a while if the occasion, crowd and venue is all right and the money is available, but most of the time I'm certain to be found staying in

I'd received some information and lots of stories from a friend who once lived in New York some 5 years ago but apparently lots has changed since then and I will eventual some day get off the internet and conquer the big apple and he also sent this link with some of the stuff to do in nyc

What can I say? I'll sure give it a try and certainly blog.


Cheri said...

I sucks to go to a party and have them play Chameloene and Bebe Cool all thru. I mean, it may be a Ugandan party and all but c'mon, we listened to them ages before and it gets boring.

Money and happiness. I think money can buy happiness. What it can't buy is love!

Gwe, u need to make friends ASAP. I have a coupl'a friend in NY, can I hook u up?

Emi's said...

Sure, you've hooked me up with some interesting blogs so I'd not mind people. Am always on look out for new friends.

The chameleon & Bebe-cool songs don't really get to me. i find them plain boring & meaningless but that's my opinion only. I like Julian tho. Am making a playlist to share soon

Oryx said...

ummmmmh....dat is "heebie geebies" for no good reason.u need to start becoming wacky, wild n wicked...u need sm blood following in ur veins..h,v fun