Thursday, December 23, 2010


This being my fav part of the year, I brush off the dust and cobwebs and awaken.

To wish my brother's and sister's a wonderful and joyous festive season.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I think I've lost it, we're already in Feb of 20-10 and still no new post from me. People always change and the change for me is less writing and reading to more chilling and some more chilling. I mean when I think about it, it feels like there is nothing I have at hand to show for the past few months although believe me I've been busier than a bee.

Talking about bees, did you'll know how much I love honey? I did not know how much until I got withdrawal symptoms this past January, when there was none in the house for about a week. I could hardly keep my eyes open for long and constantly felt week. Thinking about it now, I'd use honey in almost every thing -have you tried grilled pork salad with honey? what an intense orgasm in the mouth when it touches the tongue and mastication begins.

Sadly because of certain eating habits, I went up about 6 lbs. It's becoming increasingly difficult to maintain my 155 lbs mass and even though I moved the scale to my room, no encouragement to reduce has kicked in yet. Sure there is the school gym with lots of beautiful sweet honey's to encourage you work out and all, I've never stepped near 30 meters of it, I actually do not know where the exact location of this honey meet up is. It could be laziness or just laziness, but what ever it is, my investment on a $130 home gym is yet to feel me.

Well I did eventually get my learner's permit like about 2 months back, just walked into a DMV, took the darn test and had 20/20 it's actually an easy test. But I think until a gun is put to my face, I might not master the art & science of taming, then riding the metallic horse.
To hell with resolutions, like you can already see, it's better not to make them or plan things in advance but rather move along your set path and tick off things as they come along. I'll certainly try to be more close to my blog family because I've not been the best of a member.

Till later, Stay well!!