Monday, August 17, 2009

...If she's not sleeping with you


Like they say all good things come to an end, I split up with her (not Eve) and was thrown back into the single and seriously searching league and met up with some of the guys who have been there for quite a while. We did share knowledge which I will share in this post.

If a girl is into you, she's sleeping with you and if after 1 month or 2 months at the very out side she's not sleeping with you, hmmm heheheeh She does not like you.

The Trick is to spot this girl early, such that you don't want to waste the 1-7 weeks waiting to find out it's never going to happen.

So here's some science on how to spot this girl

A girl will never sleep with you

1. If she calls you cuddly or dependable

2. pops a zit in front of you

3. Her name is Amber or Christine

4. Takes a dump in your bathroom

5. Takes home left over's on dates one, two or three

It's not scientific but am just saying, you've been warned

Success in the hunt

Monday, August 3, 2009

To Keep or Not to Keep

"Yes, I will remove it" I respond with no passion

For the 4th time the past week I've told my mum those words whenever she see me and brings up the topic on my beard and how horrible it makes me look which got me wondering

Is facial hair on guys that bad?

As a teenager, I used to admire the older guys' beards because the looked really so cool and made them look wise. The admiration was so great to such an extent once at school with a couple of friends raided the chemistry lab in quest of sliver nitrate which brought promise of a mushrooming beard when applied only once.

To date am not sure who brought such a crazy idea but all I can say was it never did work and no one got even a single strand of academic fiber. It might have probably been we followed the instructions wrongly but a few years later it turned out the timing was wrong and we were not yet of a worthy age for the fibers.

Now, I have a couple of my own fiber's, they just grow quickly and whenever I go to the barber, the lines are very discouraging and yet a brother is so tired from building the nation. I only worked my electric razor once but preferred if someone else did the job for me while I sat back relaxed comfortably on the chair.

Am certainly at loss on what to do. My wise mum says I'll get more points with the ladies If I spared some time to take care of them fiber's but am not yet the type to give in 30mins - an hour of shaving and I had my barber work on them about 5.5 weeks back.

I've hahad talk about doing what you want/love but what about what the people think/say?

So ladies how do you like dude's facial hair shaggy and wild, empty or neatly trimmed?