Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lost in Manhattan

On Monday I received a call from one school I'd applied to. Obviously, they wanted to meet me to do some sort of orientation and tour of their school. I must say i was impressed and excited This was a chance to finally get out of the house.

The school is located in Manhattan where I've never gone before. My appointment was at 2:00pm plenty of time to search for the place in the morning hours. A quick search on map quest reveled the journey would take about 2 hrs by subway and would have to use two trains the A & L, so I left at 10:30 this morning to get on Time.

There was no incident on the train except for these two transvestites who kind of freaked me out. No they did not try to talk or do anything to me. Just that their sight was too ghastly for me. Why would a guy dress up as a girl complete with false boobs and hair? Am yet to understand that and making matters worse, they were sitting opposite me and seamed to be staring! How uncomfortably that ride was, I was sure glad when they got off before me.

I switched trains much more easily than I'd anticipated and just before my last stop, there was a train jam. Oh My goodness!! I thought that such things would not be in outside countries and it was a long wait (wish I'd come with that MP3 player but again it's still unloaded). Almost an hour later, we were finally cleared to go. The map quest directions after this stop was all wrong because the destination was not there...... instead of 498 on 7th Avenue it was some thing else. Oh how I miss the boda-boda guys somehow they knew every place in & out side kla and would even help you honk at the gate.

Any who some 30 mins later I'd still not got the place, calls to my contact did not help much and at the verge of giving up, there it was. I'd actually passed it several times moving up and down the street and on the opposite street. I could not help laughing at my self.
The security were all excited and full of questions after seeing my Ugandan passport of course Idi Amin(RIP) somehow came up and much as I love talking about ug, I was late and did not have much time for this dilly-dally shillyshally.

I had to see some one else because my appointment time was way over due and I got the grand tour of the place. The whole interview process was almost an hour and the only thing not taking me back is the price they want for the N+ course.

It was also a hustle getting the subway station to get the train back home. I sure need of proper method of getting around!!


Anonymous said...

Idi Amin.........thats the only thing they know about Ug.

buttercookie said...

Opportunity to get...u're in NY and need to look for opportunities to get out, Emi???

Create the opportunities. Go out, meet transvestites and enjoy. You're in NY for crying out loud.

Tell them that Idi Amin is antique news. Tell them we also have Nsaba Buturo and Besigye.

Hehe, I miss boda borders as well..this running for trains and buses isn't funny.

Cheri said...

Opportunity to get Out*

Emi's said...

hahaha, Cheri, I do not believe you are encouraging me to met 'them' bambi, am still a ka baby in this big state.

Like Eddie Murphy said in Coming to America, "He who wants to fly must first learn how to walk" Am yet to learn & accept this NY culture and people.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thought/ comments