Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happens to the best of us!!

Thanks to Jny23 for waking me up from my sweet slumber.....I was enjoying it so much that I completely forgot about my blog family and duties. I wish it was that enjoyable, truth is like Chantal, I somehow forgot my password and even recovering it was tossed aside.

What's new?

Lots of stuff actually. In short I'll say I've been there and done that.

Migrating to my new portable powerhouse left me with nothing to do but play all those games I so wanted to but was limited with graphics.

Ah yes, I winding up my first sem of college...Oh my what a wonderful and beautiful place to be...All the long hours class laboring and bonitiful chics and guys. My school have pple from almost every corner of the world and I'll admit that my favs are the hybrids...A mixture of Brazil-Indian hair with African booty and Latino!!

Btwn Someone please share the link for the node six blogs....I also gave up trying to get it.

How I've so missed you guys!!

Nice to be back tho!!


nevender said...

Welcome back brother man...I didn't know you were at College.

King said...

Welcome back man. Your laptop can play games? Nice. What type of games do you play? Sports, FPS or RPG?

BlogSpirit is at:

There's also a Twitter Account


yz said...

kulikayo! what kind of thats did you do in there?

TRP said...

Welcome back!!!
Missed you!

Mudamuli said...

You were once lost but now you are found. Good to hear from you, Emi.

Carsozy said...

Thought you'd been abducted by aliens, so sems over what plans for the holidays? hybrids?

lulu said...

eeeh emi, i had been checking on you in forever... wondering what happened to you, thank God you woke up!

jny23 said...

Yu see, i brought him back to blogger-life.

Good t have yu back bro. Yu coming home for xmas?

Emi's said...

Nev I started with college out of the blue was not well prepared for it tho but I'll be more secure for the next sem

Thanks King....losing that link made me lose on a lot of linking. I do not like sports games am an ardent FPS fan...gears of war and World at War dominate most of my playing time.

YZ Kiss and do not tell

TRP missed you mob but my resolution is to be mob available this year

Mudamuli It's good to be back

Carzozy There is nothing like too much of hybrids....shame the holidays are mob cold which limits most of the action for me

Lulu I donno what happened, it's like some switch went off, but yeah it's back on and well protected now

Jny....The tickets were mob pricey it's like everyone was running away.. I'll book earlier this year