Monday, September 22, 2008

Something unexpected In the mail....

This afternoon, The Mailman final brought it. I was not expecting the package for at least another two days because the company promise delivery with a week but USPS has indeed made a great Impression. I remember loathing using the Uganda postal service ever since it lost my sister's success card and money my parents had sent to me while still in boarding school. Am not sure if the situation has changed but I strongly believe all of us have some story with the post office -Right?

Any how, I tore off the packaging excitedly like a child would launch at a sweet and oh my was I greatly disappointed.May be it's because of those new T.V adds with the nano-chromatic i pods or I'd just over estimated my expectations but the sansa MP3 player that I had got off amazon was no longer as appealing as it looked. Here Is a picture of the thing.
I hope you can see what made me make the choice. Being that sleek looking, capacity of 2Gb and costing about 31$(+taxes) made it an ideal partner.
The bad side however was, The protruding backside(not in pic) designed to accommodate a single AAA battery (They were kind enough to include a battery) thus making it more large than slim. The thing uses an external USB connector meaning you have to always move with it somehow or miss getting that song you always wanted at some rare source.
Talk about looks can be deceiving!!
The most thing I hate about it is the constant replacement of battery which cost more $ and damage to the environment (don't ask how)

At the moment, there is nothing else to do but be happy with what I have in hand. The consolation is; It has Integrated FM radio, built-in microphone and voice recorder and can hold about 32 hours of MP3 and 64 hours of WMA audio. It does save you about 25$ compared to an i-pod mp3 player of the same capacity. Oh and I almost forgot to mention it was a gift card at amazon that paid for it.

The set up is not complicated at all and am planning to load it first with my favorite songs, which of course I'll be able to share with you in the upcoming days.

Till Then, Have a great Week!!!

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