Saturday, September 20, 2008

The second arrival.

Becoming an enthusiastic blogger is proving to be more difficult than I had imagined. I had thought that it was going to be an easy thing this time round but am already getting blogger's block(if that word exists) and It's only my second post. Either it's because my life at the moment is not that exciting or am somehow failing to appreciate and accept the small bits that are actually important. What do you think is important to you?

However, after a quick search with my friend Google for help, I found about 8 million hits which would all rather be helpful for the new blogger or the wanna be blogger. There is a lot of information out there for blogger's but I would highly recommend wiki's How to start a blog for newbies simplified to only 8 simple steps. It is from here that I made the decision to make this a free-lance blog project centered around me and for crying out loud, it's even called Emi's Works -how ironic. I now understand Albert Einstein when he once said "making things simple yet not simpler".

So here goes a wrap up of events since my last post.

Thursday was not as expected. There is nothing much to write about this day typically because I spent most of it in bed. It must have been the exhaustion(slept late reading) or one of those days you get an attack by some laziness and do not want to do anything, what ever the reason I had nothing to look forward to for the day and therefore did not make any loss that day. The only exciting thing for the day was the season premier of Smallville and Supernatural on CW11 -Two of my personal top shows on T.V and oh my!! They did start with a bang.

Spoiler: To all Lex's fan's, Don't you just love him also? it's sad to note that Lex(Micheal Rosenbaum); The best "bad guy" so far and Clark's arch enemy will not future much in season 8 as reported by the show's producers. Hopefully, this does not kill my love for the show because he brought such a unique mixture of charm, power, meanness and menace that made Smallville very enjoyable to watch and thus he was my favorite character.
Here is the best season 8 trailer I found

There is promise for more villains like Doomsday, Maxima and Tess Mercer(Lex's replacement). but am yet to see if they can measure up to Rosenbaum performance. looking forward to the second episode next Thursday.

I can not write much about Supernatural. I missed several of the last episodes of season 3 but the new season has more intensity and intrigue. Am catching up on season 3 when I can afford the DVD and will update accordingly. One thing is obvious though, Sam and Dean certainly have new powers and am not missing any episode this time round. How did season 3 actually wrap up? any one know?

As for Friday the beginning of weekend, I completely have nothing to write about. I know it should be with most activity and fun filled but let's face it, considering my unemployment status and brokenness, it's just another day to let pass. Sure NY has lots of places to "happen" at virtually no cost but am yet to discover and tame the volatile "apple's culture" before venturing out.

Back home in Uganda, I recall a Friday would be much sought after and longed for since that always meant unwinding and relaxing with the boys after a hard day's work. Game after game of pool was in-order with 1759's or some cocktail usually based around Ug. I'll be mentioning the venues in up coming posts in comparison with what I find here, but for the moment, am glad I've finally put something down for my second post.

And "Cut" That's a wrap till another time, Enjoy the weekend.

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