Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hello and thanks for reading my blog. Today marks my re-entry into the blogger-world and am more excited about it than before because of a renewed passion and desire to put more effort and seriousness into sharing my world. Apparently my new inspiration is from this Blog and a couple of others I stumbled upon while casually surfing the net on one of my "free breaks". Reading some of the posts reminded me of those days that I once tried starting sharing my daily opinions via blogging. That must have been like a century ago -OK in reality, it was around 2001 but this was terminated before it could fully kickoff and I only blame the unreliable and difficult access of the Internet during that time all because of President Museveni. not going there -Am trying to to keep my new blog non-political.

Come 2004-05 the flame rekindled largely because of the blog fever that had suddenly attacked Uganda and become so infectious. Do you also remember this period? Some of you might have picked up around this time frame. I believe I was the worst hit because I had up to 3 blogs all anonymous with weekly updates. By around July 2006 the 'gas' was no longer there; partly it could have been due to my small reading audience or my lack of new ideas to share but I'll refrain from further mentioning others. Why? because a lot of forces beyond my control where in play then.

It's a shame I do not remember most of my discussions then but some that spring into mind are; the thoughts on relationships (don't We all love that topic) , idle discussions about life and how to make some quick shs. It's sad that I can not be able to trace all the old blogs, they could have been deleted or faced the wrath of whatever happens to forgotten web-blogs. So I can not truly tell my 'blogging scale'

Enough about the past. Like someone once said, "we must not dwell too much on the past but look forward towards the future." Am looking forward to updating my blog regularly and sharing with my readers the various .................. that come my way. Am not exactly sure of what I'll be writing about but my head is filled with numerous different ideas, Thus much needed and appreciated help from 'Probloggers' and reader's comments is required for this first post and the subsequent ones on which paths not to take.

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