Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Self Evaluation One.

Am starting to enjoy my rather hectic and busy work experience. Much as I sometimes feel that it's a bit difficult for me to adjust into the US work ethics/hows, the internship is giving a comprehensive step by step process on how to get in and stay in employment with the various exercises and tests.

Today, I especially liked the exercise, It was something I'd never have thought out on my own or done unless some one encouraged me to. We had to do a personal court of arms which is basically like a short form of your goals, skill and walk.

Presenting my court of arms.....

1. If you could have any Job in the world, What would it be?
This was easy, I'd want to be a Network/System Admin with some big time firm like Google or Dell. Only because am fascinated by computer stuff and being an admin would give me all the access I'd ever want.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • More mature and developed in body, mind and knowledge.
  • Completing with college and staring my Masters degree.
  • Working with google and having my own computer firm.
  • A little thing running around me yelling "Daddy, Daddy".

3. What would you say is your greatest strength?
I certainly don't have a single greatest strength at this point. So, I went ahead and threw in all that makes up the mighty and powerful Emi's
  • Hardworking
  • Committed
  • Determined
  • Confident
  • Intelligent

4. What Is your Weakness?
Hmmm... beautifully crafted women. No I did not say this, much as I wanted to, Instead I said.
"I tend to overwork and get so attached to my work." Yes Am a workaholic and this is a bad thing seeing that I kill my social/family life. Bloggers, can you please help me get ride of it?

5.What Kind of Supervisor would You be?
If you were under me, you'd most certainly not suffer much but still face a flexible and understanding superior who want to see you get your duty done.

6.One Word Describing you?
Adventurous -The Indiana Jones type

The whole exercise made me ponder and think more about myself in a way I'd never done before. Actually get more focused and thoughtful.

what are you?


therisingpage said...

These SOCKS are mine!!!
And because its you Emi - they will be Pink socks
Interesting Test:
I think I take this test myself and get back to you...
Bet if you look at these answers 5 years from now, t'will be a different thing all together

jny23ug said...

This is so nice.
Regarding that i have a job interview in the next few weeks, ill use some of yo responses as the same questions are asked in many job interviews.
Dont worry ill pay for it. Name yo price.

Erique said...

You sly one. This is just a cunny way of slipping google your resume, right?

Minty said...

Interesting. Workaholic work well with schedules. So how about you schedule (and stick to) a weekly proggie for family and social stuff?

Nevender said...

You may need to work on your English... In five years you will be the father of your wife's son! Wow...

Nev here.

Cheri said...

Am I the only one who gets restless and stressed when a job interview is looming?

Such qns stress me so where do u see yourself in 5 yrs?

But lol on the kind of supervisor u'd be...if she were under u...

Hey Mr Supervisor man.

Emi's said...

Rising page, don't be splattering any pinkness here...5 years from now might also be like that...never know.

Jny, This is free for you. Best of Luck with the Interview. If you do need more info, I have quite plentiful seeing that I did 2 days of interviewing skills and resume writing.

Erique, It might work

Thanks Minty I'll try.

Nev, that's the plan.

Cheri, nope you are not the only one. Most people get that feeling but if you do some kinda practice before, it's minimised
lol...and you had to go and put in your mix. Her being under me all of a sudden feels so right in a wrong way..

Tandra said...

wow... i need to have a convo with u... me looking for an internship like im being paid

Be silent said...

You know what i hate that question of 5 years... i usually say God will tell ha ha ha ha thats a joke. but i am copying this post next time i am asked these questions i will just read out regardless of the job

Carsozy said...

Me am ugandan to number one i'd say akalimu kona kompa! ssebo.
but seriously my jaw dropped when i realised i had no answers to any of the questions luckily no interviews looming for me.

lulu said...

self evaluation... why are you doing what you are doing?

Tamzel said...

My boss asked me some of these questions but I thought we were just banging KB kumbe...

Robyn said...

Google,,,yah MAKES TWO..LOL

SilverBow said...

hi Emi,
first time here so i'm still trying to figure u out, see if we get to work out (wink, wink.

ok, seriously, u had all those answers? are they genunine? i would have to cook up most of them bse i dont kno the first thing about me. then, there's nothing i hate like those 'life forecast' questions; my worst; 'whats your career goal?'coming from an african employer. Career! is that stuff for us blacks? me, i just run to where the money is at and lying about how i have career goals is always most stressful. And anyway i think i always get it wrong seeing as i have never been employd on account of passing an interview. so now i avoid them all the same; useless stress, interviews. unless u have not been introduced to the biz of buying jobs.

Emi's said...

Tandra, I'll start a school soon just to teach the population such stuff which is rather very necessary and important but largely ignored in Ug. We'll talk before that

Silent one,lol...some people may not belive in God....ust feel free to copy and even spice it up

Carsozy must be well off and running your own show

Lulu, Am trying to "fit in" every thing in the ol USA is different. The peeps here demand a lot and one of the demands was this evaluation.

Robyn, you'd make a great workmate

SilverBow, Thanks for dropping by. I liked what I saw at yos & added you to my blog-roll. lol how do you get the jobs? You must have taken the training of handing in the applications with an extra envelope. In Ug, that's the norm, am yet to get the links where someone in the US will allow a second envelope & get you the job but for the moment, am still searching for more lies and spices