Monday, December 22, 2008


I've always thought of myself as the one lurking in the shadows. Not the bad evil one but the good one, the one who you sometimes feel is watching over you and protecting you without taking any credit.

For the tech geeks, I'd say am kinda like the driver that runs a computer device, you never actually see it but things can jam if the device driver is missing.

For the others, I'd say am not the life of the party but the one who kinda watches your back and makes sure stuff goes right.

Today's post is an attempt at uncovering myself and somehow emerging from the shadows into the light. I've never attempted to explain my self before or let alone fully open to people but this is a start and will certainly be one of my resolutions in the coming year.

Today's random stuff

The Christmas spirit has not yet fully engorged me, my tree is already up and the decorations are also unpacked but somehow was not amused by the snow the way I've seen in movies and efforts to make our snow man in the backyard with my sister were feeble and we failed to go beyond his big round bottom before losing the fire.

Somehow, getting to work was an easy thing. It was going to be a different day because I was going to see all my other intern mates from their respective sites and Monday is a kind of gathering of all the others for a debrief and you get to hear all their stories which are hilarious but I somehow hope I don't get to tell mine.

Some dude from work who I somehow told about my blogging and even threw in my blog address surprised me today during the short break.
I meet up with him while heading back towards my seat and he was like..

Him: "Yo man, I've been reading your blog."

Me: Sure? (Thinking. O.K I was hoping he'd forgotten about that).

Him: "You write about us. You have to stop writing about us." starts shouting to others, Yo! this dude has a blog and he be blogging about us.

Me: (thinking.......Duh!! It's called my stuff I can write about anything)

This was completely striping me of my anonymity, I was at loss of words, how was I going to start telling all my peers about my works? Lucky me, I was saved because the break quickly ended.

Being of the shadows, this move was putting me in bright light and it was scary. It also got me thinking I should actually get to show my self more to my reader's and even write more.

Just last week. one of my internship supervisor's also came across one of my blog posts. No thanks to Google. I was also completely caught with my pants down and did not know what to say when they started talking about my yaip post. How do you start discussing yo stuff? I quickly went into defense mode and almost said I did not even know what a blog is because I felt I was out in the open. Somehow, it ended so quickly and I don't fully remember what they said about it.

None of my family member's even knows about blogging, I still even look at mine as a private and personal space open to only a few, preferably ones I've not yet known or met, but with all these blog clubs and parties things plus Google, anonymity is very difficult to maintain and I might as well as give up on it.

I'll work on this "giving up" project and hopefully even get my kid sister to guest blog on my page.

That's just some of the stuff I thought about today.

How did yo week start? Oba you've already made that trip up upcountry?

Hopefully this brings you some holiday spirit


nevender said...


I get your point. My blog is not even read by some of my closest buddies...

but I am not planning to accomodate any o them soon. Later but not soon.

therisingpage said...

Gosh Emi,
That's tight... My close friends can read my blog but not family... Weird?

Carsozy said...

No upcountry for me my villa is in K'la and if ur going to continue blogging about some one from queens or the bronx better buy a gun, niggers and latinos are touchy about their private biznes.

Ugandan girl said... a gun...k...this does not call for violence. Carsozy thats buutwa..

Since you have uncovered..well me its only bloggers and one close friend. my family thats a big no no..they are very religious and since the stuff i write is not very godly then no..A big NO

so does T-Bag know...?

lulu said...

hahaha i have been criniging from that too, afraid someone will get to my blog nga i have talked about them especially peeps that mess me up!

misschantal101 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Cheri said...

Emi, don't uncover yourself. Stay dressed.

Queens? Bronz? Mercy? Nigga, u name drop faster than Jigga!
See how I rhyme? I think I have discovered a new talent.

My close firnds read my blog. My family (collectively) dunno what "blog" is.

T-bag kills me everytime.

apr9 said...

Merry Christmas.......No 8 reads and asks me wen i ll post again she only commented once wen i lost 2 friends......a friend reads and comments in a txt msg.

They won't read for ever unless they're like Cheri's Chosen One.

The weather is nasty so no road trip....

Chanel said...

I have lots of stories about friends and workmates but I dont want them running into my page one day then I will be fried

Oyin said...

hey hope your xmas was are you?

Emi's said...

Nev & TRP, may be I'll make a white list of pals to read my stuff..I do say things in my blog that I'd not say in their face. Tht's the tite bit.

Carsozy, These Niggers and Latinos wash their dirty linen in public..If only you could hear the stuff they jazz about in the bus and other public places, stuff that I can no way blog about. As for the gun bit, It becomes expensive to maintain when yo not in imminent danger from rivals.

Ug Gal, T-bag does not know. I donno what the reaction would be but that wont stop me from writing. Aha I'd only taken off my sweater.

Lulu, how have you managed with that?

Miss Cheri, you do have some hidden talent. I'll take that seriously and suspend my strip dance. I wish I could write all the stuff with T-bag but it'd be too much info.

Apr9, I had a great one hope that you too did enjoy yo Christmas. If they have commented before, then they most probably always read but do not leave any signs of having been there unlike the general population who'll even claim socks just to show thy was there..great stuff in case you have no comment in particular.

Chanel lol, I can Imagine..Am so not going to expose my self fully as I had planned. May be a little mystery is not so bad.

Oyin, Am good. The festivity was enjoyable and it was great catching up with the family. How you doing?

Oyin said...

well...Ive had some alone (therapeutic) time to myself. So, I am now good!!

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