Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of 2008: The Year Regrets

We're are quickly entering 2009 and I find myself excited, happy and ready for the new year. I have high expectations for good stuff coming, need for lots of trips and starting things fresh and tidy in the coming year.

As expected with nature, the old year is dying and with it some of the stuff that I failed to do, my 2008 resolutions and some close attachments. I have had lots of achievements and some failures with the passing year and I present the top 8 things that I (regret) failed to do/have in 2008.

PS: They are in random order and numbering does not necessarily correspond to importance

1. Skinny Dipping
There is something about jumping in the pool with birthday suits. Those that have tried it before say it's an experience words can't describe but something you should try out on your own.
Am yet to overcome my fear/care about what some people around might say or think and just do it. Is there anyone around who wants in 2009 to trade in the bathing suits for birthday suits? We should indulge such an activity at one of those blogger parties.

2. Professional Lap Dance
Ever since Nsaba Butoro outlawed Kimansulo, It became such a difficulty finding a decent place for a proper boys night out. I must confess that I walked, moved and looked in almost the whole of Kampala even some suburbs in quest of a satisfactory lap dance and yielded no fruits. I've been to Nakulabye, Kansanga/Kabagala, Garden City, and Kololo to mention a few but no of these had the offerings of such a dance If you've had some success in this venture please let me know the venue. Now that I've moved to a system where this is actually permitted, In 2009, I am looking forward to a mixture of exotic dancers from all areas of the world. Am thinking I'll most definitely start with a Hispanic.

3. Get My Six Pack
It's only in 2008 that I thought seriously about my physical fitness and strength. I still could not afford any gym membership so I had to do with home made improvisations. I used to run about 5km every time I went out jogging twice a week, made my own dumb bells from mechanical gears and used to do up to 200 hard sit ups at one go like 3 times a week. This kind of activity was very common in the beginning of 2008 after I did the Dec 2007 10k MTN Marathon and sure enough, I had started getting those biceps and stomach abs most of you females drool @. I donno what happened but somehow along the way I lost it and my developing pacs went down the drain. Am still searching for this lost gus and hopefully I get it in the coming year.

4. Tell Her I love You
There is this nice, beautiful girl I once secretly liked and saw her again after what seamed to be a century. Sure enough, she still had the sparkle and the fire she had set up in me was not burned out. I just could not get her out of my mind and what ever free time I had, I was thinking of spending it with her. The more I think about her, the closer I get to the reality and can't deny the truth that what I failed to do when I last saw her was say "I love you" and kiss her goodbye.

5. Get Behind The Wheel
I only find it fun and easy to watch fast car races and talk about driving and if you hear me, you'll probably think am such a pro and could match the transporter guy when put behind the steering wheel. Reality is, I get all shaky and stiff when I take the driver's seat.
I promised my self a million times I'd go to that AAA driving school but somehow an excuse always popped up, the hike in fuel price consequently instructor fees was the last nail on the coffin for any hope of driving school. I do look back and sometimes wish I'd taken the leap and had one more skill bagged under my arm; but not all hope is gone, the new year brings lots of promise and I see myself cruising a mustang.

6 Buying Stanbic Bank Shares
Financially, I was not badly off when Stanbic placed their Ipo. Instead of doing the right thing and owning part of such a thriving bank, I choose to spend my money in other ways that would in no way bring back any long-term monetary return. I sure did lend my big brother some shs such that he could also invest in the bank and when I saw his first returns, I was filled with such envy and regret of course I refused to take back the shs I lent him with hope that I can convince him to co-own. A friend of mine said MTN would also float soon and I still have some shs saved up for the MTN Ipo, these things of shares are somehow better that pissing off your hard earned cash in the men's room.

7. Treated People Better / Been a Nicer person
There are times when I've not been myself and treated other people with selfishness, hate and malice. Although the number of people is actually less than the fingers on one hand, there are some random individuals whom I've not treated so nicely and I always wish I'd been a better person/friend. Maintaining a smile and treating all people as equal is one of my aims.

8. Learned a New Foreign Language
I always hated my French High School Lessons, It's not a wonder that I dropped it as soon as got into the electives stage. Little did I know at that time that English is not the only international language. I regret not taking any Spanish lessons with the local Catholic Priest who was offering free tutoring for a Spanish class, I only hope that it's not as boring and complicated as the French ones.

To usher in the new year, I'll sign off with a quote by Charles Swindell, a man who believes that a positive Attitude is the greatest strength you can have.

He says, “I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90 % how I react to it.”

What are your personal thoughts on 2008?


Happy New Year!!


Princess said...

Quite a to do list you have there! Good luck! :)

P.S. Did you go to Times Square?

Emi's said...

Eh Princess, even before I finish posting... A Happy New year to you already ...It's not a to do list but more like a not did list for 2008. Am still thinking of 09 stuff.

Nope I did not do Times Square but enjoyed all the glory beamed live on ABC from the warmth and comfort of home.

What did you do?

Princess said...

Went out to dinner, then to church so God could usher the new year in. :)
I'm in Savannah btw, not NY.

You should have gone to Times square!

apr9 said...

so u goin to try and achieve wat u didn't in 08?

its never too can still be ur to do list 4 09.

Emi's said...

P, I would have gone to T.S but no plans were made

Arp9, 2009 will be a fresh and new start no resolutions or lists as yet but am hoping to learn from the past and avoid History repeating.

Miss Cheri said...


Only u Emi. Only u!!!

Waiting for the end u can tell us if u akshully did all of it.

Rented said...

don't worry, Em. you'll wake up at some point

Emi's said...

Sherry, of course I'll tell you about the experience if I actually do decide to do some of this stuff

val said...

Skinny dipping?? Mebe in some remote part of the world....but it sounds daring..Hope you get to fulfil all your resolutions :)

Robyn said...

well Happy new year mate.2009= optimistic for me.

Oyin said...

Im not even going to go there....

well especially the six pack. I got one big keg...and its

Oyin said...

oooooooo and Happy new years, muah!

the antipop said...

hear hear about buying shares and all. pissing it in the men's room indeed!

nevender said...

Happy New Year...if you can let God lead you this year, do that.

Take care.

walkonby said...

live like today was your last day and you'll be amazed at how many things on that not-done-list will be ticked off :-)

~ScotchBiscuits~ said...

tell her already!!

Robyn said...


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