Thursday, December 18, 2008

One Week Later

The break from my self was only to last one week, this was such that I could not engage in my daily routine of doing things but to instead do things at will and instinct. One week indeed seamed too long and a lot happened in between.

Mr & Mrs Blogger's block decided to move in to share my muzigo. Apparently Cheri had chased them away and when they came knocking, they said that they only wanted chai, I should have known better because they completely took over the crib before even the tea was served. To an extent that whenever I sit down in front of knight, they came up with all sorts of tactics to make me loose focus and instead pay attention to them. Now that they have stepped out for some Christmas shopping, I can take these few Min's to give a recap of my vacation from myself.

Friday: I went in for my health Insurance appointment almost an hour early, the normal me would have used African time and been an hour late. It was such a long wait but the young chic who finally came for me was not only super hot but also very friendly and wow !she was such a flirt. Ideally, I'd have played along with her flirting game but I was locked away somewhere. I did not even get her name, phone number or email but she'd have been a great hang out pal. Which reminds me of some new series called "My Own worst Enemy" on NBC.

I finally started with my work internship site on Tuesday, It was such a long distance from home that I had to use 3 trains to get there. Normally I'd look for the shortest and quickest route but what about? It's a training and testing center(computer stuff) with the stuff mostly being Chinese, I was not surprised by this seeing that the area is almost like a mini china town. I liked the place at first sight, the china peoples are really great to work with and they are very friendly.

Lunch time was most interesting. Unfortunately, the site does not offer lunch which means I have to fish this out of my already shallow pocket. I went to some Chinese food place and they had quite an appealing menu, it was amusing to see frog, cat & dog among the menu items but I opted for rice, chicken & mushroom something which was very tasty and worth the 6 bucks I spent. Am still a long way off from trying tadpole soup but the dude I work directly with was taken back when I told him about the cherished nsenene mbu how do you eat insects?

M/w I can't do any thing with the other chic I promised to follow, that technically, am her client and that those things are not allowed. These Americans hmmm they are always deep thinking I'd not yet even made any pass or possibility of such action and she was already way ahead. Am yet to show her my intentions are pure and not even 100miles near to what she's thinking at the moment. For now am certain my pals Enrique, Igiss & Coochie Coo will show me a way forward with such scenarios.

Finally, The normal me is back, I learnt over the past week that am such a rude snob -that's what 15 people think even some bus driver. I decided to cut work today just because I can and bought myself Christmas presents from Amazon just because I have a new credit account and wanted to use it.

That's almost it, I can hear the aliens at the door, I have to post this before they come in. Somebody please help!!! How do I get rid of the Bollocks couple? I'd hate to have them around during this festive season.


Robyn said...

uummm a firstie.let me start off by complimenting the new pic ,,,,looks good,hey welcome back,,was starting to get scared.

Robyn said...

I was going to tell you how to get rid of em but CSI NY screwed it up,,hey Emi THIS DUDE WAS MADE A SUSPECT BECAUSE HIS DNA WAS FOUND IN THE CHIC'S(THE DEAD ONE)SALIVA,MAN THAT SHIT IS TIGHT SO Emi am done giving out advise on how to get rid of people that shit is real,,,

nevender said...

This ain't your usual self. You sound slow and lazy...kiki?

The Emrys said...

dang, its a shame you cant follow up on that bird, i was beginning to brace my self for the escapades stories

Rented said...

Emi, technically that chic is female and you're male. So which things are not allowed?

Now about the couple. Hmm, lemme think. Bingo! Set the house on fire while they are asleep.

Seriously: Take them out for bangy jumping and drown them.

The real 'seriously': Spit on them.

Okay now for real: Take a stroll with them, call a cab and sprint. They'll know what to do with it.

Jokes aside: Mess up the house and make their stay so uncomfy. Better yet, be bold. Would have helped you out if I was there, dude.

Erique said...

I'm with Rented on this one.

SilverBow said...

how do you get rid of them? kick their arses towards the wide open door from the inside...that shd see them out, no?
hey,how have u been?

Cheri said...

Erique and Rented...bayaye!

Emi Coo, becareful not ot leave your saliva "lying" around. Listen to Robyn. THEY. WILL. GET. U

Dog, cat, frog, and u ordered for Rice and Mushroom? Dude, if it was that tasty (cuz I know mushroom tastes like dry wood), then maybe u ate the dog afterall.

U're not a rude snob. U're just a stressed out person. Listen to me, I know whamsayin!

Welcome back Emi, although I'm waiting for the real jovial u!

Carsozy said...

Boy Oh! Boy u've stayed in Stato too long your survival instincts are waning. Geting rid of visitors 101:- Always cook kawunga and Bijanjalo.

apr9 said...

Ope the weekend cheers u up.... Americans are merry this tym of the year hope the joy catches up with u.........

Keep get urself presents. If i don't want people ard me i ignore them.

Emi's said...

Thanks Robyn, I'll avoid that saliva stuff since most peeps are against it.

Nev, Simanyi. spot on that was not me...I wonder still.

Emrys, I like hope. like they say, never give it up.

Rented Thanks for that technicality bit, I'd not seen it in that way am now inspired & encouraged.

SilverBow..hahaha..I try and see, hopefully am not sued.

Cheri, He'll be back. That chicken and mushroom wa like none I've had before...I can't describe the taste in words, I'll just have to take you for some Chinese some time such that you experience the thing and I didn't even get any allergy.

Carsozy lol...May be they are, thanks for pointing that out...I should do something about that.
kawunga and Bijanjalo are quite rare this side and i sure miss it mob, it could help with the current issues any way of FeDexing it?

Apr9 am so much looking forward to the weekend when things should clear up and I get back straight..

Great weekend

Ugandan girl said...

Ama Emi..dont listen to anything anyone is is will end up like OJ...

But yes kawunga and those things of taking them to dine out..there they willstay for good

lulu said...

hahaha, that is funny! i hear cheri had chased them away!