Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still Tired.

My weekend was rather short.. From Friday till Monday, I've been moving around like some maniac.
Yes! Finally, I decided to go out and explorer Manhattan, such a feat of course can't be done in just one weekend but I grabbed that GPS, packed a few stuff and hit the road. I did eventually over worked myself and still feel tired from all that moving but at least I know most of the West side.

I can't really start to write down & share some of the drama and fun bits. For thy is not up to it so, here are some few pics to summarise the tour.

If too small, click on pics to see the full format photos.

Madison Square.

This guy was on my case and even wanted me to pay a visit to his tree house.


The cold forced me to don the ninja out fit and that's how tall the Empire state building is. That lady kept looking at my food through the whole meal.


China town. The food!! This is how the Thai peoples eat..delicious.

Yeah, I finished almost everything and was pleased with the preparation.

Some Library / Bookstore

Games, Now On Demand

Museum of Natural History

Facing the fallen terrors

Sea World

Times Square

Have to take leave for about a week from myself to regain my strength.



therisingpage said...

My Sox....
Lol about the Tree House

Princess said...

Nga, you delayed to reach Manhattan. There's always a plot there! :D

Emi's said...

Risingpage lol, The do have pretty treehouses. Congs on socks you shared em with channel but I dunno wht happened to my first post where she'd also got em.

lol Princess, you know how I like to take my stuff little by little I've been to Man before but not really to chill..besides there is plentiful time to check out the other stuff.. I'll be up in the Bronx come Jan. Interested?

Princess said...

I've already been to the Bronx. :P

Ugandan girl said...

were you like back packing...?

By the way what happened to T-bag?

Emi's said...

Eh Princess you are in a hurry. You could still go back and check out the sites, maybe new stuff will be up.

Ug gal, yeah kinda may be tht's why I got so tired. T-bag still has my back, I was chilling with her today & she's cool

hardcorekancil said...

Thanks for the virtual trip. I've never been to Manhattan. Not even to the US actually.

SilverBow said...

A few pics???!!!! huh, indeed. dude, once it goes beyond 10, its better off just pics.
eh maama.

will i ever grab any socks? someone holla the next time ure about to hit 'publish' so i can claim my socks then.

Minty said...

Hey, thanks for the pix round up. I love yourperspective on the irst two. And the woman (geisha?) staring in the restaurant.

Tandra said...

but u man, u decided to go out when its cold? what happened to summer/fall tours????

plus, if u did this now, what will you do in summer next year? just asking....

Cheri said...

Ayayaya, that food.

Lol, Ug girl...TBag,???

Tandra, keep walking. Winter or no Winter. I have even lost my "Tan"

Robyn said...

some great pics.How are you?

Kin'shar said...

hmmm...looks like lots of fun!!

lulu said...

wow i would have gone to the tree house! what the pics make me wanna be where you have been!

nevender said...

Happy holidays.

You're enjoying yourself.

These days I don't even get boots.

Kale bye..

Emi's said...

Tandra, the summer was mostly for the beaches and pools besides I was so scared of venturing out alone...Now that there is T-bag, I can try. it does seam I've been in a trance all along

SilverBow lol, I tried and used as few pics as I could.

Cheri that food was sweet really sweet as in sugar sweet, am considering a divorce and marrying from Thailand.

Robyn Am great howz your side?

Kin'shar it was some fun considering I'd not moved like that before.

lulu had you seen the smile on that squirrel's face, you'd not have gone up to his house mbu for tea.

Kancile, wish I could have shown you the whole of it especially the collusion course show @ the Museum. It was wow!!

Nevender, I am starting to, it's winter and few people go out. Very ideal for one like me.

apr9 said...

Happy Holidays..........i think i should venture that side now.....

Great pics too.

apr9 said...

@Hardcorekancil.....If i remember my international relations and diplomatic studies well....its said that a country's High Commission or Embassy is an extension of that country so wat am sayin is go to an American Embassy and u ll ve been to the US....Oba the Lecturer lied us.

Kin'shar said...

well just take it easy....

cos I like you around!!

Carsozy said...

Jealous jealous jealous. ur trip sure beats the pants off my two weeks leave.

Ugandan girl said...

banange mukwano...where you at...people have started asking questions....?

Thankful Paul said...


Cheri said...

A divorce? And this is how u tell me? On blogger?

Well, I'm luckier than Phil collin's wife who was just sent a fax.

Tell your lawyer to talk to my lawyer.

Emi's said...

Kin'shar, nxs, just asking what happened to the throw your self out to the thrills? any thing I should know?

Carsozy lol...Really? how was it?

Ug gal, AM still in my break from myself...I get back tmrw

Cheri dear, it was just a consideration...I still like your food.

yz said...

Times Square is amazing! I don't see pictures of the wax musuem. that's must. YOU HAVE TO GO BACK!

Mista Jaycee said...

Cool Photos! Please post more!
Mista Jaycee