Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weekend Moods?

This Thursday was the graduation ceremony for the internship I recently completed. I must confess that generally, going for graduation ceremonies to me is like being told to dig and plant potatoes from dawn till dusk.

I've been to a few grad ceremonies and I often wonder what the point of sitting through the entire ordeal is. Not that am condemning them all entirely but why would there be need for a graduation ceremony for someone completing Nursery and Primary school.

Back to mine, although I was a bit late , It was good to see my peers and say final byes and best luck wishes. It was a bit shocking that I had to wait such a long time for my mum and sister to get ready. The event was at Midday and by 11 they had still not got their act together. I was done in less than 10 minutes. The big question for me is WHY DO LADIES TAKE A HUMONGOUS AMOUNT OF TIME GETTING READY FOR OCCASIONS?

There is nothing much to write about the ceremony. Saying that I enjoyed it would be an absolute lie. I did take some pictures but I liked this most....

Yay!!! that's me with the mountain dew can, but what I liked about this is that sculpture piece...I do like Art.

It's Friday!! and although this whole week has been like a weekend for me, am glad I can finally focus, pop the corn and settle down to complete some movies have waited patiently. In case you're wondering, this will be my movie marathon
  • Gothic
  • Eagle Eye
  • Hannibal
  • Hannibal Rising
  • Babylon A.D
  • City of Ember
  • Tropic Thunder
  • Perfume - The Story of a Murderer
  • 18Year Old Virgin
  • Igor
I still miss one movie to complete the list any recommendation?

What y'all be up to?

Great Weekend!!


Mudamuli said...

So we finally get to see your picture.

Congratulations and have a great weekend.

nevender said...

Your art man is naked...dude.

Congo know the rest...

Dang, missed the socks!

Emi's said...

Mudamuli, It's not the first one

Nev, The dude is not naked

Rented said...


Robyn said...

me and my biker college buddies are going to ride far into the country side today evening thru the weekend.ive agreed to exchange with my buddy my yamaha R1 for his Honda CB1000R.its like the coolest bike ever to me its a jaguar in superbikes and ma so excited.
Have the best weekend Bro.

Carsozy said...

Congs bro! and my weekend will be quiet this time, i hate hanging over when am supposed to be watching movies. My list has Private practice season one and Lincoln heights season one. hope they don't bore me to death.

lulu said...

I WILL MURDER YOU IF YOU USE MY STORY ANYWHERE!!!!( i hope you are threathened) even the best camomile mint tea would not save you....add ummm ummm benjamin burton ito your list unless you watched it already...congs on completing internship,

Princess said...

Hannibal. The books are awesome.

Mjay said...

I believe congratulations are in order. Enjoy your weekend.

yz said...

Congs! Hope your weekend is going as planned. Try Devdas. Its a bollywood but its actually good

Ugandan girl said...


though all those movies are they like horror movies..i.e horror movie marathon...?!

Emi's said...

Rented ??

Robyn, Bikes sound cool, I've not yet ventured into that niche but hopefully soon, Honda CB1000R is a mean one, I can only imagine the adrenaline rush. Have that blast and be safe

Thanks Car, I've never heard of those shows before..I sure hope they don't send you to the other side because it too early to start missing you.

Lulu of course I'll give you the props and love. Thanks for that movie, I was actually waiting for it to come out on dvd and somehow forgot about least it's now available on amazon.

Princess, The books are usually better, but I've lost my rel with reading. I don't remember the last time I finished a novel

Mjay , Thank you! Enjoy your weekend too

Thanks YZ, where can one access bollywood? I only know Slumdog Millionaire..Let me google that movie and see where I could get it

Ugandan girl, There are just some few horrors/thrillers a movie marathon would not be complete with a little bit of screaming

Oyin said...

hahahaha, now I know what you look like!!!

apr9 said...

So ur lineup is done now that the weekend is gone?

Emi's said...

Oyin, hahaha -All of a sudden I feel so It had to happen some day at least..It is a bit out of focus

Emi's said...

Apr9, My line up did not turn out as expected..Am still trying to finish up with Perfume and another post for Monday but seams I've also got the block

Oyin said...

I still see you...hahaha, cute

Emi's said...

Oyin nxs :)