Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Am Well!

They say, the seconds before you die, your whole life flashes in front of you. well a least that's how most books and movies put it.

The past few hours on my sick bed were filled with memories of my childhood and and sometimes a dark cloud seamed to hover over me, I would then quickly open my eyes expecting to see a dark hooded figure with a rather long shiny sickle except he was not going to harvest any grain crop.

This figure was always not there and this would make me calm again. Yes you see I believe that the grim reaper really does exist and when I told my sister about my bad dreams/hallucinations she mentioned that it was just the pain mixing up my cerebrum and making me experience what most people would call near death experiences and thinking about it, I've had quite a number of them.

Am also a firm believer in self healing and allowing the body regenerate itself and fight off any infection so despite all the pleas and begging from close ones about going to the hospital for treatment, my inner self refused and only accepted to take a couple of advil's and take solitude in my room and meditate/pray.

Well I did get up on Tuesday feeling perfectly normal. Whatever was bothering me is completely gone and seams for a long time. I did not have to go see any Doctor and am glad I stood my ground. Although it feels like a month, it's only for 72 hours that I felt really sick.

If you believe in yourself and trust God then He'll always be there to see you through the hard times and I give him credit for making me well again.

Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement...and yes no worries I'll still proberbly be going for a full physical some time soon just to make sure am still in good shape.

For the moment am taking regular exercise and rest more seriously.


Miss Cheri said...

Me, I will wait for someone to ressurect and tell us all these stories they say about death and all his friends.

Emi, u were sick. Please don't talk death and all. I'm gangsta but I fear such kabozi.

-Miss Cheri

Emi's said...

Sorry Cheri, It was my feeling then...This post will not be up for long.

Igiss said...

Bro, you still didnt got to hospital? Dayum you are stubborn? Anyhow, atleast you are feeling better.

The Emrys said...

so the grim reaper was after you, oba it was just the boogeyman...

Oyin said...

oooooooo never heard of such....but glad all is well sha