Tuesday, February 17, 2009

PG 13! Say What, Say What

I recently upgraded my o.s to 64bit Vista Ultimate, threw in an anti virus internet suite that is agreed by many to be one of the best and activated the parental control

I was very amused and surprised when I could not open one of my favorite blogs and her story is here. This is evidence that she sure deserves an award for the sexiest Ugandan blog if it's content could make the internet security software horny.

The real story
Apparently, Kaspersky did a quick heuristic analysis of all the posts in the blog and thought that the materials contained might not be conducive for the young ones and further exposure to the contents may lead to premarital babies and as such should be rated and blocked.

What else it reported I will not write down to avoid my blog getting in bad books but all those sexy pictures, virgins and baby father's are some of the 65% unsuitable content on Cheri's blog.

This was very funny and I had a good laugh but I had to kill off the parental control even though it was at the lowest of levels.

I love the blogs unrated withall the pornographic and erotic material so keep em coming.


Miss Cheri said...

LOL. Kaspersky is looking for beef!

Mudamuli said...

I found that very very funny. Further exposure to the contents may lead to premarital babies indeed. Hmmm!

31337 said...

oh dear, she is now rated R? and a virgin to boot. wonder how many women can accomplish that!?