Wednesday, February 18, 2009

V.Day weekend

I'd already had my day planned out for this lover's day. Being single, this was rather simple and uncomplicated seeing that I had no one to impress except myself -A rather easy feat I can accomplish with a blindfold and both hands tied.

I donned on a lime-green sweat shirt, my mum once bought for me after being span that green was my best color, and went off to the nearest Cinema from home which some 45 mins away by bus. I'd got tickets for Pink Panther 2 but later on changed my mind and went in for Taken. Much as I love Inspector Clouseau (Steve Martin), I thought a more macho movie like Taken would fit the occasion more and how right was I.

The Movie was totally awesome. It's been quite a while since I've watched an action movie I've greatly appreciated, well since body of lies, but back to Taken, there was quite a number of single-ish ladies in the room and the one I sat next to was some hot thing.

She's the reason I'll have to re-watch movie because when I said my hellos and allowed to share my popcorn, it was like she'd not come for the movie or had watched it before. Poor girl, some how I lost her number there was no way I could tell her sorry I can't take you home with me for at least another 2 years when maybe am ready to lose it.

Good News(At least for comic freaks):I did also see in the Cinema ads that finally Watch Men will be in theater's this March and only then will I feel inclined to again spend $8 for a movie ticket.

I spent almost my whole Sunday randomly. I got an unlimited one day card and took the train aimlessly. Somehow I ended up in Brooklyn and spent sometime window shopping. I even entered one of the closing Circuit City stores and was amazed and how people where fighting for stuff. Apparently because it's closing shop, all goods must go and thus will be sold at throw away prices.

If you want to sell stuff quick, just put up a closing soon sign, selling stuff at throw away claim, reduce the item amount very slightly and watch your stuff fly off the shelf. After over an hour in the store there was nothing that caught my eye. However in some other small time store, they had this point and shoot I could not resist it was about $240 and the sales guy had made me think leaving the store without it would be like throwing away a dream. In an attempt to search my pocket for money which I knew was not there thus escaping the purchase, I got my debit card in the shirt pocket. I was almost a week away from asking for a replacement card after searching for it in vain previously but the joy of seeing it made me the proud owner of a Casio EX-Z1200(in picture)

I foresee a spicier blog


SilverBow said...


looking around....

no one!

SilverBow said...

so now my friend, u hav egot to style up, ok?no this aint a smiling matter,i'm serious. emi's it was valentines!the African understanding of Valentines, and u went watching action movies! gosh, man. ah ah

Robyn said...

lime-green sweat shirt on vals. to make things worse the one your mom bought you.
but you!

Be silent said...

Aya and here i am posing that i am going to get myself and exilim Z150BN yours is superb

Miss Cheri said...

Ha, can't wait for the pics!!!

lulu said...

whaaat that sounded romantic , you had a hottie and lost her number! eh i shall think twice if i am to sit next to you at the cinema, i wore blue on val ...and watched a movie next day!

Emi's said...

S.B, I was not in the Valentine mood..guess cupid's arrow did not work well on me. Between, It was a good movie.

lol, Robyn O.k I'll admit I added the lime bit, but it was green and I'd never had a chance to use it before. My mum bought it sometime before I moved to NY

Silent, Thanks, The Z150BN is still a good one

Cheri Any special picture requests?

Lulu I know, I suck at these romance things but I've been promised a certain book by a friend who says that I'll become better. Oh I did lose the number unintentionally I should start moving with the phone

Princess said...

Yes, Emi, move with the phone.
*And Watchmen will be $16 bucks 'coz it's coming out March 6th in Imax.
Wanna buy me the ticket? :)

Cool camera btw!

Emi's said...

lol Princess, I'll try. I don't do movies on opening week/night or Imax yet unless otherwise...

I wait a while then go in with the general population for 1/2 the price. You can come then if you've not yet watched it. Btw if am happy I'll do Imax


Oyin said...

green shirt?? Try a pink shirt....... I love a man in pink

Mudamuli said...

Can't wait for the pics too.

Carsozy said...

Taken was one hell of a movie Liam Neeson's performance was hot. and ever heard of a motel, there's lots of things you can do there with chicks you meet at the movies.

Emi's said...

Oyin PInk? I've never had that color on me but I'll give it a shot some time.

Mudamuli They are coming

Carzozy, lol it's not about the motels but more about my chastity which is slowly fading..I estimate in about 2 years

Ugandan girl said...

i so loved that was a movie after my own heart...(ok not really b'se The dark Knight was better) but still.. I watched it in the cinema and then i watched it again on DVD from begining to end..

Though was it out like last year sept...and you still have it in cinema's i thought the states were ahead of us....hmm guess i will think again.(Kinda puts a smile on my face)

Emi's said...

Taken was good It's a movie I'll have on my collection....The dvd is still far from being released in the US. You guys in U.K are lucky you get to see some movies before us especially if they are not from Hollywood. Taken only came to US big Screens at the end of the month but I'd heard so much about it from other peeps I like it's plot more than D.K.

The Good Bit, At least you get to recommend movies for me way before they hit the us.