Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Neighborhood.

The View from my window sucks and anyhow, I rarely look out the window.
These pictures are some of my neighborhood surroundings I captured when I went out walking this afternoon in the cold sun.

As seen there is nothing much to do in such a quiet neighborhood. Fishing and Swimming in the bay is not allowed mbu because of national security. It's not such a great idea living near an international airport worse still if it's JFK but am getting used to the kick of it.

Life was more noisy, social and easier in this place, I'll always call home. There was always pig and kigele nearby. This is the only picture I could savage of the old place.
my old crib

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Tandra said...

You have quite a view!!

Im here wondering if i no that spot in kla. first time i was sure...

now im just thinking HARD

apr9 said...

Where was ur old crib in kla?

U should be glad u neighborhood is quiet.......tho there's no place like home.

Rented said...

So your old crib; is that like New York? It looks familiar

Be silent said...

Nice view but your old crib winner

lulu said...

cold sun? wow...it does look cold for real, looks very drab really i would play scrabble to keep my eyes off the area

Princess said...

I am so coming to visit! Atte, soon!

Liz said...

You like noise!? eeehhh...ok. Your old crib looked really noisy. Like that your new one looks quieter.I Can't seem to think and be still with hustle and bustle

Minty said...

No swimming or fishing? Shyaa.
Meanwhile, wonder under which tile, iron sheet or tarpauline you lived under in that neighbourhood...Oh, did I say that out loud?

carsozy said...

And the winner is Emi's for slum thug coinaire. your old crib just reminds me of muwogo eyasuzeewo.

Robyn said...

SOME view HUH.

eizzy.k said...

in a way the two look kinda simliar...the socio-class perhaps...

Mjay said...

Funny, I kind of agree with eizzy, the two places look similar.

Oyin said...

hmmm, I am sooooooooo feeling you on that. Here in america things are so stressful when Im in nigeria...I feel at peace.

take care!!

nevender said...

:-) Haha, the picture of your old crib made me smile. And your new neighbourhood has too much grey and brown...boring.

Ugandan girl said...

I agree with Nev...at first look i kinda thought it was an abondaned town..like Ghost town..or that movie i think its called The hills have ears oba eyes..i dont remember..then i saw the water oba a lake..thats if i saw right..

But good old k'la now you are talking..xx

Emi's said...

Tandra, I bet you've passed or been to to that ka spot

Apr9, I can't say where my place was...I was very mobile and lived off a case

Rented, that's down state New York

B.S, Thanks....I miss the old place

Lulu, I think you know understand my fascination with games

Princess you are welcome anytime after spring cleaning is done...I can't even find my ID in the mess that was once my room

Liz who would not want Noise? With so much energy and volatility, one could only long for a place where you'd speak the same language...Peace & quite? -It takes a while to get used

Minty, That tarpaulin was home

Carsozy, lol those are good days, I was a big fish in a small pond

Robyn, Am okay..just moving along waiting for adventure

Eizzy, MJ Sure? There us actually no similarity

Oyin...kinda. how are you?

Nev, I can't wait for the spring to start....Winter brings along that grey feeling

Ug girl, I think it's an ocean...When I went in for a dip in the summer, the water was salty and within minutes I was surrounded and told it's a restricted area. Kla was small and easy to reach any corner