Friday, January 30, 2009


It's that Last day of the month, and a Friday, everyone should be looking forward to some serious fun this weekend.

Unfortunately for some of us, the pay comes in bi-weekly and the next pay check is another week away. There goes my Friday plans where I was hoping to hit the streets of Manhattan for some inspiration and maybe even watch Underworld3 - Rise of the Lycans which is so cool and deserves a re-watch on big screen.

I did not know this before coming to NY but Friday is a much respected day this side, they do not mind if you dress down to work which means you can pull out those jeans, tees and sneakers to go with to work. Even cooler, you only do half day. Now who am I to disobey such?

It has been such a hectic week for me and there is not much for me to do today(read I don't feel like working), and I'd not even planned to write what you've just read. My intended post was imagined on the bus but somehow it vanished just like that.

So I'll spend Friday evening looking for my debit card which is somehow lost in the mess that my room has become and then go swimming in ice water with other crazy guys on Saturday. I do wish some PIG would somehow fit in there but I've not yet seen one of those places with that specialty.

What does one do in NY on a boring Friday?

This weekend is a long one. What will you be doing with that cash?

Laurence J. Peter - "It's better to have loved and lost than to have to do forty pounds of laundry a week."


Miss Cheri said...

Lol lol lol, the last day of the month is tomorrow actually. The 31st of January In the year of our Lord 2009.

U need to quit smoking that stuff Emi,if it's gonna make u forget that Jan has 31 days!

Please explain how a Friday can be boring in NY. Or any day for that matter.


Emi's said...

Miss Cheri, I've been clean since birth. I've never smoked anything even passively..

It's already the End of the month for some of us. of course I knew Jan has 31 days for I am born of January.

How about having no plans even tho NY never sleeps and no known hot company you can actually enjoy beckoning.

lulu said...

eh mama i still be broke and mob ! so am going to be home all weekend!

Robyn said...

Dunno,,am writing this in the midst of lumpens jumping up n down,,its fra-high day over here fuck the pay slip we still roll.

val said... beckons...blarggh!!

Enjoy the ice-cold water Emi..

Carsozy said...

Green with envy, am yet to see even a bootleg of Underworld 3- hear its a prequel which i usually hate but if you bloww for it then am go find it. and then you fool ice water? ever heard of hypothermia? But don't worry will UPS you some PIG. Always tell myself wont get stoned every weekend but then we both know am kiddin myself. see ya!

Liz said...

Gosh....I am so dying to watch Underworld bees lucky!!
And as Robyn said, why limit ur Friday enjoyment to the whims of the idiot who thinks he can ever pay you enough for the job you do?!

Anonymous said...


I see u still haven't caught the run away words.

Its Superball weekend, hardly understand the game but i'll eat the food.

The weather limits u to wat u can do.

Fab weekend.

Ugandan girl said...

You should have hooked with Princess....

Emi's said...

Lulu you was not alone..

Carsozy, I could send you a link.

Liz & Robyn, you are right, you don't have to give shs as an excuse to avoid having fun...Under world 3 is better than the first two, I esp liked the graphics and tension, it's something to own when the dvd gets out.

Apr8, Sky is the limit even in the cold, people still do's been fairly warmer of late.

Ug girl We shall some time

Oyin said...

well its not the last day of the month...but i understand what you

Happy new month

apr9 said...

U got that wrong its Apr9