Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Inauguration

Today is a beautiful and historical day not only for me but millions of others who've been dreaming with King.

This is a day that makes America different from any other modern nation. For the 1st time in the American History, and the 43rd time in their history, the power of the Presidency will be passed to a multi-racial black man peacefully, respectfully and full of hope for a better change.

Here is the Man of the day stepping into currently the hardest Job in the world

Certainly, I strongly believe that "our man" President Barack Obama has it within his power and his skills to lead the American Nation to prosperity and growth

Am so inspired and encouraged by the events around me and I make a call, "Let's Make History" together and keep working knowing that, in the end, hard work and dreams always pay off.

Listening to
Tupac - Changes

Nas - Just a Moment
Martin Luther King Jr I have a dream Speech


Miss Cheri said...

Yes. I. Did!!!

Win the socks, that is.

TRP said...

Honestly...ama reserve my comment about him till around July

Emi's said...

Cheri When do you sleep?

TRP Why???? July is so far away

SilverBow said...

"Here is the Man of the day stepping into currently the hardest Job in the world...."

....and the biggest salary(isnt it??) my niggers, lets not forget that!
and look who's asking others wen they sleep???

nevender said...

I am proud of the man for reaching here, but as apostle Paul says, we must pray for the homie. This is is the hardest job on this earth. Imagine how many factions want him to show allegiance:- atheists, homosexuals, abortionists, etc...

Robyn said...

in changes by tupac,he says he still doesnt see a day where a black man will be president.well he should have been here on 20th jan.How are you?

Liz said...

I am cautiously optimistic

@ TRP: I am so with you man! Actually I will wait for the first 2 years to pass a verdict

PRAYER: "Dear God, don't let Obama go down as "The Black Man that Fucked Up the White House". Leave that honour To Bush Jnr. He has to make it God, otherwise Black expectations around the world are royaly screwed!! Amen!"

tumwijuke said...

The hardest job in the world?

The Worst Job in the World, you mean.

Emi's said...

SB, Bill Gates still enjoys the privilege for the biggest Salary...President get about 400K/year Less than what Bill Makes per hour.

Nev, We have to pray

Robyn , Am O.k. Tupac must be smiling in ghetto heaven or wherever he is.

Tumwijuke No ways...The Us president is like the best Job although very demanding..Worse job would be the guy who tastes his food or has to face the Al-Qaeda

Carsozy said...

who wants the money, i wouldn't mind having my finger on a nuclear trigger for free.

apr9 said...

History indeed...

God bless the president.

Emi isn't it 44th?

Emi's said...

Carsozy Show me one person in this worl who does not have money in their mind and I'll walk around naked for a full week...Truth is God made man, man made money and money made man mad

Thanks Ap9 I agree with you there. so far, only 44 presidents have taken office. It must have been a slip of the board...lol