Saturday, January 17, 2009

Of Bus Rides

I have never had such a super fast week before, only just yesterday it was Sunday and to think it's already Saturday amazes me. This obviously implies that I've been super busy and almost forgot I had my virtual life and blog to catch up with...

Whatever I was doing the rest of those days, I can't write about because it's way too much and would eventually turn out lengthy and boring but to continue with my post,

I take on average 4hrs going to and fro work using the bus. Using the subway would increase the trip by another two hours. Yes It's that far and no matter what magic, I always have to use at least two buses. It's so hectic that I wanted to quit the first week I'd started work but seeing my internship ends in Feb, I decided to persevere with hope of getting used to the distance.

Of late, the trip has become more treacherous. With the temperatures in negatives, It's not funky waiting for the bus. With the current rate I spend a minimum of $20/ week for fare, the recent plans for a price increase have me on my knees for a disaster in these plans. You see, there are no these things of secretly signaling to the conductor in case you are hard up, wait there is even no conductor just some mean metallic thing that chews up your quarters without any remorse. I suddenly miss those taxi touts that would make your day calling you boss and escort you to your ride like some VIP, not forgetting the driver who'll go through hell to beat the Jam and get where you want.

These bus things are just not nice. They are not as plentiful as the kla kamunye's and If you miss one bus, be sure of a long wait for the next one. They are so mean and won't pick or let you off at any point unless it's the designated bus stop. The kamunye driver will pick you at any point of the road and even leave you at the kasasiro as requested all you have to do is say the magic words.

Am still to get used to this commuting system. One culture in particular is the bus-subway reading club which given my bus hours, I've not yet subscribed to..I just don't see myself drawing out a book and then reading away like my life depended on the contents -Tht's what those book worm people do and they are not a lively bunch.

So the bus rides leaves me nothing to do except to sometimes node away to my zicky and eavesdrop on the neighbors. The stories in the bus are too hilarious and some shocking. Some people are just not bothered about washing their dirty stuff in public, but I'll stick to the rule, what happens in the bus stays in the bus otherwise these would have been a renewable source of k.b and gossip to keep bullocks at bay.

A great place to also make plans and think about random stuff is yes the bus. Trust there is no other place I can get chance to reflect and think about how my stuff is flowing, which move I should make or what my next post should be about. I've created thousands of fantasies and posts during the journeys but like they say good things don't last, they all evaporate away when I step out of the bus into the cruel, bitter cold.

Masoawo!! Oh crap! all the stares from other passengers make me feel like some kind of nut job. Thinking about Kamunye's must h've made me forget to instead push the stop request button, but am not the only one at this stop and I quickly jump off to rush home before the stares kill me.

PS: This is not a complaint or an advert


Princess said...

It's a complaint, alright! Lol.

*But I dunno, I don't mind riding the bus. It's convenient, runs on schedule. You don't have to yell 'masaawo.' Simply yank a belt or push a button.People are not all up in your space; everyone minding their own. And yes, the stories are hilarious.
And the opportunity to observe? It abounds! What's to hate?
At this point, I'll say I miss the good old bodas. :)

Robyn said...

you get used to it,,,,hey hook up with a PDA,,,not a blackberry- HTC or one of those Microsoft babies to stay in tune with your virtual family."masawo",,,yi nawe.

Erique said...

Whatever you say about our kamunyes, they are still irritating. Bodas are the thang.

Miss Cheri said...

It is LUGAMBO!!!

Dunno about buses there, the ones here are fab...always on time (now stop thinking about JA Rule)

Robyn, all this tech kabozi has me spinning.

Chanel said...


apr9 said...

Miss Cheri.....London buses are the best they come every 2 mins? USA at least where i stay they're on timetable and take forever and ever as for the trains they come every oba 45mins.....BUT they're comfortable so its worth the wait..

Emi....mumasawo. These people on the bus don't care who's listenin No sonyi at all.

Carsozy said...

They say u start to realise how much u liked something when u lose it but mark my words should i leave UG i will never miss these good 4 nothing low life degenerates that we call our transport. Kaumnyes are the scum of the earth. guess that's enough vitriol. Howz your day ma dawg.

Oyin said...

sounds like a complaint to me...haha

how are you?

SilverBow said...
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SilverBow said...

eh, maso awo!Gwe....hahaha. i shall not have to leave this place to kno that life would be miserable without the good ol' and oh so risky boda. kamunye...maybe even yank the belt or simply hit a button would most definately suit my image much better than bellowing out Maso awo, anyday.

nice to have u back. i see the runaway words have returned home... hehe

Emi's said...

Princess, I've not yet lost hope. I'll soon reach your level and actually start enjoying(& looking forward) to these things.

Robyn, I wish I was where you are. The technology heaven where it would be easy to get some of these things without digging deep or saving for some time which am currently doing to get that. Crap

Erique, they say you never know until it's I so miss those irritating dudes..Bodas are another story.

Cheri, Lugambo is only for the female we have other things to think abut like how to make you happy. miss home but All in due time.

Apr9 mawa Thank you for assuring someone. Am now good, back to normal I should add. They also say, you can take a villager to town but you can never get the village out of them.

Oyin, Am o.k Thanks...I was hoping it passes out as a neutral point of view

S.B you should be careful what you wish for. But yeah, pushing and yanking would most definitely suit you