Sunday, March 22, 2009


This post is about Ugandan female artists. It is my answer to the question, who would you date? or as Glenn Quagmire would ask, "which one would you wanton"? or simply put whose your biggest crush?

This did not require much thought on my side when it was randomly spat on me by one of my pals.
She was in red when I first laid eyes on her and not only her voice but moves stole my heart. It was at that Brick&Lace show when she passed by me and smelt like a hot chic is supposed to smell. I was surprised when minutes later she was on stage doing her stuff and just like that I was crushed.

Long story short, here are her pictures and if you believe the red pepper, you're a moron.

Here she is Enjoy!!


trp said...

But these Socks?!

Ugandan girl said... like comes you have a very private picture of here...when she was walking in the gardens..were you hidding in the bushes..?

the antipop said...

kati, what is it that redpepper says?

jny23 said...

Serious, Emi that snap in he garden seems private. Have yu already made yo acquaintances?

I think she is haat. Her and Grace nakimera of the Anfukula fame.

Antipop, red pepper says she is dating Seya alongside her boyfriend/ manager.

Miss Cheri said...

Ug girl, talk on it.

Emi, this obsession of desiring desire is going ahead I see.

lulu said...

who is that?

lulu said...

oh desire, her body is hot, yeah!

Mudamuli said...


apr9 said...

Kati wat are you going to do abt this crush......?

Ug Girl is right.....Hope u r not a stalker of some sorts

Emi's said...

Trp, I was going to claim em meself

Ug girl... Me hiding? From Desire, lol..No ways

Antipop, I thought you was with red pepper...

Jny23, like you, I also deleted her phone number and lost her email but that was way before she was into music and I was working near wbs

Miss fyn, I've just heard her new song and watched a couple of you tube videos, it was like I'd forgotten

But lulu, I was going to go into length at other descriptions


Apr9 that's a tough one!! Why put me in the line of fire at the front line? Am not sure what to do with the crush, I'd appreciate a suggestion and stalking is not my style.

normzo said...

Dude...u have a thing for Desire...OK am looking at these pics and am thinking....she has the body..

But have u seen grace?M-mmm

and then that pic in the gardens?wats up man.

Emi's said...

Normzo, I've seen Grace N. I'll have to agree with you and Jny23 that she's also in the hawt league...Am yet to meet and great Grace for the moment she can be my no 2

Shishi said...

are you a papparazi?lol

Robyn said...

i am loving me some desire,,landed across some jam she did with Ngoni man this track does it for me.