Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Music and Ngoni

I like Ngoni. Ngoni the band which is mainly some two dudes, mostly because the way they sing somehow makes me laugh and cheers up. Am not yet aware if they have a PAM award or someother award because apparently am not the number one fan.

I watched the Video they made with Desire over the weekend and was very amused the whole way...of cource being in Uganda, they can be forgiven for being so monotonous and using only one scene in a group of malwa and a weirdly dressed lawyer.

Here is the Video am trying to yipe about,Pls note: It might not get any award

Between I think they are making some mob dime, the lawyer guy has turned out to be such a fatso and his face was like he'd been in some bar fight. At this rate I should try singing too...Any one know someone who can turn my croaking voice into dimes??

But seriously, someone should show that Ngoni dude where the gym is before he fails to stand up and dance in his next song

Desire as usual was being her hot self.



Oyin said...

Hey hun....Im missing you, where you at??

the emrys said...

oh Lord, Desire!!!!!

nevender said...

Never liked Ngoni...although their music is catchy.

Meanwhile, your posts have becoming excruciatingly rare...kiki?

Mudamuli said...

You mean that song that goes something like ‘alina kakyi owo gwoyita mwami.’ Don’t have speakers on my computer right now.

red kute said...

am with Oyin on this we miss you Bro.
Anyways Ngoni are the guys,they are just there,not too much and not too little just right.

normzo said...

that song...have watched the video...but i just think, the video is crap...the whole set up aint cool.

And whats with u and Desire....Hmmm.

cheers mate

jny23 said...

I think Ngoni guys are dope.
And for staying out of trouble unlike other Ugandan musicians, kudos.
I gather they even have a bigger fan base in Rwanda and Tanzania than they do in Uganda.

How yu doing bwana Emi?

Ugandan girl said...

i DO NOT like Ngoni..and its not just beef..

Every time i get to a song by ngoni i press

Hey how are you...?

sleek said...

Ngoni samtymz gets it right..but Desire...oh, Desire

apr9 said...

Was about to ask if it was ur same Desire until i read the end........

Probably Desire can turn ur voice into dimes..

serakelz said...

thats not fair! i his size! i love Ngoni! those guys rock! its desire i just cant like! blv me i hv tried!